This film is the perfect proof that no matter how slim and scrawny you may be, it’s still possible to grow to a massive size… with some help from a super soldier serum of course.

He may look silly in those red, white, and blue tights – but star Chris Evans went from zero to muscle hero in all of about 10 seconds. Giving all those people who hate going to the gym another excuse to sit at home and wait for a miracle muscle growth pill. Or, you know, a spider-bite or radioactive explosion of some kind. Whatever works.

But Captain America deserves those “get-buff-quick” muscles. His entire life he always had the drive and desire to rise above all odds; not only for himself but for his nation. After being deemed unfit for military service during WWII, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret project that doubles his size and turns him into Captain America. Sending him behind enemy lines to defeat the only Nazi in history who can take off his own face, Red Skull.

Even though he has the super strength to take down an entire army by himself – his true super power is having the passion and dedication to rally an entire nation towards victory. That’s why this film gets a place on our list. Captain America possesses that extreme will power and determination that is paramount to stay fit and to keep pushing the body to new limits.

For that we salute him.


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