bigger stronger faster 3#4. BIGGER STRONGER FASTER* (CHRIS BELL, 2008)

There’s a discussion that often comes up when the topic of growing mass is mentioned: Steroids. It affects all manner of sports in regards to fairness, health, and legality. Bigger Stronger Faster* is an honest look into the world of steroids as it relates to bodybuilding and strength conditioning.

Chris Bell examines steroid use through his two brothers, Smelly and Mad Dog. These are two kids who grew up idolizing Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hulk Hogan. So much so that they actively use steroids to try and match their physique. The film also features professional athletes and medical experts to get a well rounded, fact-driven understanding of anabolic steroids.

What stands out about this film is that it looks at the topic of muscle mass and bodybuilding through a different perspective. Many films on this list either explore the personal side of the individual – or idolize them through epic action scenarios. Bigger Stronger Faster* explores the drug aspect behind muscle gain without attacking it or defending it. How inadvertently, athletes almost need to use steroids in order to not fall behind. It’s a slippery slope and an aspect of strength conditioning that can easily be forgotten behind all of the muscles and stereotypes.

Of course, a film discussing steroids wouldn’t be complete without mass amounts of muscles. And we get them in spades here. The effects of steroids are shown right up on the screen within the body of every subject they highlight. If you are a muscle fan, and we know you are, then you might find this film an interesting change of pace for our list.


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