Top 4 Foods To Keep You Shredded Through The Summer

Use these summer foods to keep yourself in top shape.

If you’ve started planning to get into summer shape then we’ve got news for you: you missed the boat pal. While you were busy relaxing in the winter and spring, you were missing the perfect opportunities to start getting yourself in the best shape possible for the summer. We all have times that we’re a bit bloated, especially after the winter and some of spring. That’s why we advocate working out year round so that when the time comes to start cutting down a bit for summer you’ll already be halfway there by the end of spring.

It’s Memorial Day and the summer is just around the corner – but does that mean you should just give up on your fitness goals and stuff your face with cheeseburgers this weekend? Not a chance in hell. In fact, you should be considering some last minute diet options that could end up doing you some good during the summer. Who knows, maybe you can start seeing some progress before summers end. But whether you’ve been working out hard all year round or if you’re just starting now, we’ve got some summer foods, particularly fruits, that will help you get to your shredded best, hopefully, by fall.


27This is a great fruit for anyone that’s pushing themselves hard in the gym. Watermelons are packed with nutrients and can be a great post workout treat that does a number of beneficial things for your body. One, it’s great for hydration after a tough workout. Two, it can greatly help your muscle recovery. Also, it’s the perfect melon to crush in between your legs… if you’re strong enough.



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