Top 5 Massage Guns For At-Home Pain Relief 2020

Massage guns have exploded in popularity and the benefits and convenience make these small tools very useful.

Massage guns have become a favorite tool for athletes and everyday gym-goers looking to take charge of their recovery process and muscle maintenance. Offering the same results as a deep tissue massage, this fantastic tool allows you to save time and money and enjoy the benefits from the comfort of your own home. By allowing for higher muscle strength and a relaxed mind, your lifestyle will improve simply by a push of a button.

Vibration therapy is a very effective and now widely accepted form of therapy in the massage world. Massage therapists have started using vibration therapy with their clients, but the invention of the massage gun made it possible to receive all of the proper care and benefits without the assistance of someone else (1).

Vibration therapy can:

  • Relax your body and mind by relieving tension. Reduced tensions leads to a positive impact on improving serotonin, a happy hormone that allows for relaxation.
  • Improve flexibility which can help keep muscles active leading you to a desired level of strength and muscle mass (2).
  • Alleviate pain by targeting points of stress and strain to keep you from injury (3).
  • Increase blood circulation to keep blood moving through your heart and muscles for your overall health.

Massage Gun Must Haves

While many features of these massage guns differ depending on price, quality, and intended consumer, there are some massage gun must haves with whichever option you choose. The power is important to take note of for products will have different modes and speeds to cycle through. For those looking for a lighter, more recovery-type massage, a massage gun with more gentle modes may be the move. For those looking for deeper, more aggressive speeds, check out the ones with sport modes designed to give you that much needed relief. Portability is important depending on what you intend to use it for. If it is for at-home use only, then a larger, less portable one may be right for you. If you want it for the office, considering a smaller one is the way to go.

The design of the massage gun will determine exactly how it works. Some are more one-dimensional and use a utilitarian design to get the job done. Others are more modern and unique in that they can provide for easy-to-reach action or other various movements. Battery life should be on your list to think about because while these are all fairly easy to charge, no one wants to deal with the stress of having to stop a great massage to charge it. Of course, always check for warranty. Some companies offer great warranties while others may not be as reputable, so this is something to consider.

Check out our list of the top 5 massage guns for 2020. From effectiveness, to design, to overall value, these 5 massage guns are great tools for your overall health and wellness.

Best Overall: ALKAI M1 Massage Gun

massage gun

ALKAI M1 offers a great deep tissue percussion massage gun to enhance physical performance, support recovery, and aid in muscle soreness. With three specific modes (fitness, medical, and health), each provides four unique levels of speed to tackle whatever needs you want met. Six massage heads offer variations in targeting specific spots for pain and an LCD touch screen allows for easy navigation and use. With 20 hours of battery life on a single charge, this is a great massage gun for overall value.

Pros: The three unique modes with four levels each offers great support for whatever you need in terms of pressure and the six massage heads are great for targeting pain. An easy-to-use touch screen with insane battery life give ALKAI a great overall value.

Cons: It can be challenging to hit hard-to-reach areas with the simple design and the price might be high for some consumers.

Price: $169.99

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Best For Hard-To-Hit- Areas: RENPHO R4 Pro Massage Gun

massage gun

RENPHO R4 is a well-built massage gun to relieve tension and soreness to help activate and repair muscles. With six heads and 4 speeds, it allows the right amount of pressure to target specific muscles and muscle groups. An easy-grip handle and 5 adjustable angles allows for great rotation to hit those hard-to-reach spots without straining your arm to provide relief. A high-quality battery allows for a week’s worth of charge to handle any of your workouts.

Pros: A great design to hit the hard-to-reach areas and target certain spots is a huge draw for RENPHO. With five angles to choose from and an easy grip, this can handle any of your workout and massage needs.

Cons: The battery life is decent but could be more. Its durability comes into question and it isn’t as strong in terms of power as others.

Price: $99.99

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Best Portable: Hypervolt by Hyperice

massage gun

Hyperice brings you the Hypervolt massage gun to relax sore and stiff muscles with the benefit of improving mobility. As a small, quiet, percussive device, Hypervolt is the best portable massage gun for your at-home or on the go needs. Six different heads and 3 speed settings offers up to 3,200 percussions a minute and allows for diversity with your massage. With three hours of charge per use, this is a great portable massage gun for your health and wellness needs.

Pros: It is very portable and the speed settings are good for targeting certain muscle needs. Its quiet technology makes this great for anywhere use.

Cons: The battery life is rather weak and with only three speed settings, it doesn’t offer any real in-between speeds you may want.

Price: $299.00

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Best High-End: Theragun Elite 4th Generation Massage Gun

massage gun

Theragun Elite offers powerful deep tissue treatment with a brushless motor that is quieter than most massage guns on the market. A modern design with five attachable heads allows for comfort and multiple ways to grip for a great percussive massage. The OLED screen allows for easy access of any speed between 1,750-2,400 PPMs with a smart app to personalize your routine. This fourth-generation design allows for up to 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge and the price makes this is a great high-end massage gun.

Pros: A modern design with solid speed settings allows for targeted access for pain. The OLED screen is easy-to-use and it is fairly quiet which is a huge plus.

Cons: The battery life is not great and the smart technology, while it is a bonus when it works, can be difficult to pair at times. The price is high, but it makes it a top-tier massage gun.

Price: $399.00

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Best For Beginners: PRACMANU 30 Massage Gun

massage gun

PRACMANU offers beginners a solid massage gun to get started with aiding in recovery and rehabilitation and providing great support for inflammation. Four massage heads allows for stimulated blood flow and pain relief and with 30 speed strength levels, you can find the right amount of pressure to tackle all of your needs. This easy-to-use, highly portable massage gun has 2 hours of battery life and is perfect for those new to using a massage gun.

Pros: It is great for beginners with its portable size and ability to aid in recovery and rehabilitation after exercise or injury. With 30 speed levels, it allows beginners to experiment with certain speeds to see what works best.

Cons: The battery life is weak and it has a shorter stroke than other massage guns. The percussive technology is also fairly weak in pressure.

Price: $29.98

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Wrap Up

When looking for a solid massage gun, it is important that it checks off the boxes of effectiveness, quality, design, and price. Most will have these elements included but for your specific needs, the best choice for you should handle and have everything you’re looking for. Vibration therapy provides great benefits for your overall health and wellness and to have a portable and effective massage tool at home can save you time and money while also aiding in your recovery and growth. Check out these five from our top massage guns list and relieve all of that unwanted pain today.

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