This Is Why You Should Turn Vegan Today

This Is Why You Should Turn Vegan Today

A lot has been said about the vegan diet, especially after the documentary “The Game Changers” went viral. But is it worth switching over to the vegan lifestyle? We’ll help answer this question today.

While many gym bros ask you to follow a diet for the sake of it, we are recommending the vegan diet based on research, and the superior results it can provide over the vegetarian and the omnivore diet.

This Is Why You Should Turn Vegan Today

Benefits of Following A Vegan Diet

Protein is Not a Problem

Most people dismiss the vegan diet on a lack of protein bases. Some ill-informed people ask aspiring athletes to stay away from the vegan diet. According to these gym bros, eating a plant-based diet can’t give you enough protein.

There is enough data (and recipes) which prove that a vegan diet can help you achieve your daily protein goal of 0.8 gram of protein per kg of body weight – which is recommended by the USDA. As an example, a peanut butter sandwich has roughly the same amount of protein as three ounces of beef or 3 large eggs.

Considerably Lower Inflamations

Animal products have shown to cause inflammations in your muscles and joints. Plants have anti-inflammatory properties which tackle the muscular inflammations you can get after a workout.

On the other hand, if you’re eating animal products like dairy or meat, the anti-inflammatory benefits of the plants are consumed in fighting the inflammations from the dairy products, and your muscles and joints are left on their own.

Say No To Animal Cruelty

It’s no secret that inflicting harm on the farm animals is a part of animal agriculture. The cruelty doesn’t stop at the slaughterhouses. The bringing up of cows for milk production forces them to live outside their natural habitat.

In their efforts to stop the inhumane acts done to the animals, vegans abstain from using animal products. Apart from consuming dairy and meat, vegans also stop wearing leather, fur or any other animal skin products.

Save The Environment

The breeding of animals for consumption purposes has one of the biggest carbon footprints. According to this study, plant-based agriculture generates around 1.5 trillion more pounds of “product” than animal agriculture.

Based on these numbers, the report concludes that “plant-based agriculture grows 512% more pounds of food than animal-based agriculture on 69% of the mass of land that animal-based agriculture uses.”

Other Health Benefits

High cholesterol levels are one of the most common problems with meat-eaters which can be completely eradicated by switching to a plant-based diet. Apart from the high cholesterol levels, a vegan diet is the only diet that has shown to reduce the chances of heart diseases.

If you want to learn more about the vegan diet or want evidence for the benefits that we have claimed in the article, here is a YouTube video you should watch. In this video, Joe Rogan talks to James Wilks (the producer and narrator of The Game Changers) and Chris Kresser (a health detective specializing in investigative medicine) who “debunked” James’ documentary in one of Joe’s previous podcasts.

Which diet do you follow?

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