Maximize Your Vascularity

Having big muscles isn’t enough.

Ask any bodybuilder, competitive or otherwise – vascularity is a pretty damn important thing to be concerned with in order to show off the hard work you’ve gained from countless hours of training. If you don’t know what vascularity is (you definitely should) – it’s when your veins bulge out to the point where your skin looks so thin that maximum muscle definition shows through. So how exactly should you go about making your body more vascular to get that veiny and shredded look you seek? Take a look below and get enlightened.

Body Fat


This one doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. Keep your damn body fat in check if you want to see those veins pop. Get your body fat percentage below ten percent and you’ll be golden.



Cardiovascular exercise will help pump blood into your muscles and reduce water retention in the body, which in turn means more vascularity. Water build up outside the muscle will make it harder to see the muscles underneath, so make sure you’re maintaining an adequate cardio routine.

Diet Plan


Another way to gain vascularity is keeping the right diet plan. If you want to look more shredded you better lower that sodium. Why? Well, if you don’t then you run the risk of water retention, which we already explained was pretty damn important for looking shredded. You’re welcome.

Body Temperature


This one might surprise you. Your body temperature actually has a lot to do with vascularity as well. The colder your body is the more your blood flow travels inwards to keep your organs warm. On the flip side the higher your body temperature, the more the blood flows outwards to the skin and muscles causing you to have a more vascular and shredded appearance. So when summer time hits and you’re working hard in the gym, expect to turn heads when your veins & muscles bulge.



Now I know what you’re going to say… creatine causes water retention, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Water retention can make it harder for your muscles to be visible. But in this case, the water retention happens within the muscle cells, (known as intracellular water retention) rather than outside of it. That makes a bit of a difference when it comes to getting those bulging veins.



With all this talk of water retention, why the hell would we suggest you drink water? Well here’s the secret: dehydration is a big cause of water retention in the body. This might sound counter intuitive – but you’re made up of about seventy percent water and if you don’t ingest water then your body is gonna get it from somewhere. When it does, it’ll fill your skin with water. Drink half an ounce of water per pound of your body weight each day and your vascularity will be improved for it.



Let’s face it, it’s the unavoidable truth, the one fact that always manages to rear its ugly head. Genetics plays a big role in your ability to become vascular. It’s not impossible, but it helps if you naturally have an affinity towards becoming more shredded.

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