Bradley Martyn may have a ton of success, but even he has his insecurity.

Many fans look on individuals who have garnered a certain level of success and believe that they have it made, that they don’t go through their own struggles, that they don’t have their own insecurities. The truth is that everyone has something that makes them feel a little less than, something that works on their nerves, something that their overly conscious about.

Gaining a ton of success on Instagram and YouTube, Bradley Martyn has gone from your average fitness personality to business owner over the course of a few years. With his own gym, Zoo Culture, Bradley Martyn has entered a new stratosphere as far as his influence and earning potential.

All that said, even a business owner living his dream can have their own insecurities. Many internet trolls have mentioned the fact that Bradley Martyn is never seen without his hat in his videos. Now it appears that Martyn is looking to address the issue head on and get candid about his own insecurities.

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