Dante Franklin is all natural and has some truly spectacular arms… but are they the best?

It’s the final week of the year and as such many people are making best of lists and countdowns trying to quantify the greatest of the greats in 2017. We already have our bodybuilding awards to let the fans determine who the best bodybuilders are of the year… but our content partner Bodybuilding For Life has already made his own decision for the best arms of 2017 specifically. Dante Franklin has made rounds on the internet for his amazing all natural physique… and this video makes the case that he just might have the best arms in bodybuilding period. Do you agree? Watch the video above and let us know in the comments!

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  1. All natural? Lol. You seriously typed that. Hey I’m my against using juice if that’s what you want to do to look like that, well worth it. Too even contemplate him being natty is insane though

    • Joe, this guy’s phenomenal! I’ve seen him before. And just recently, too. His arms are just sick. Full muscle bellies, cut, gigantic. All the right qualities!! Love his triceps. ?? Getting back in the gym in the next few weeks. Super pumped. Well, not yet…the pump is coming. Ha!

  2. they reeled you sheep right in with that all natural headline. They probably sit there and write the headline and then sit back with their friends and say watch how many of these idiots say he is not all natural, laughing the whole time

  3. He’s good but roelly has the best arms , good triceps , good shape to his biceps and overall has the size which is about 22.5 inch’s or more. I don’t see many athletes beating him in arms

  4. Always the lazy lames who don’t have the drive to be great that questions how someone else attained What they didn’t. If he says he’s natural then I’ll believe him until proven different. Hard work and genetics can go a long way, I was 145 pounds just three years ago and I’m 180 now so why couldn’t someone who’s been lifting for over ten years be jacked and cut?

  5. I’m really not sure why people like this dude try and make us believe they’re natural… It’s really insulting as a student of the game on both the nutrition side and exercise side as well.

    Why not do like the rest do and know that every one knows you’re not natural but follow you anyways because of your physique and not because you’re a lying sack of shit just trying to keep your name out there.

    • Paul Chircop Anyone with a brain knows he’s full of shit. It just irritates me that there are idiots out there that think they can achieve physiques like that naturally and that from a biological standpoint it’s impossible…. I bet his FFMI is about 30 and 27 is the max naturally and that’s with excellent genetics

  6. They just make themselves look like an immature tool when they try to lie to the knowledgeable public that they are all natural. It’s as obvious as the 3 year old with marker all of his hands saying “I didn’t do it” about the graffiti all over their bedroom wall lol. Pathetic that these guys try to pull one over on the public – its a disservice to the fans and the newbies in the sport that don’t know better who are just getting started.

  7. As a top amateur (3.world championship) it is a effrontery for me to read „natural“!
    My respect to him for his body because with roids not much in the world are able to look like him. But if you will tell me this guy is natural, i ask you one thing? Are you so stupid generation iron to think this right? Of course you are!

    If you post such shit like this one more Generation Iron i am out!!

  8. No idea if he’s natural but I’ve seen guys with huge arms natural and guys with not so big roided up to high heaven. He probably under 200 lbs so maybe. When a 7ft guy appears and your 5ft 7 you don’t scream growth hormone. Genetic variation is huge. General people scream roids cos they won’t accept someone is genetically ‘better’ in one aspect

  9. He looks pretty lean and doesnt look vascular at all in my opinion, look at bodybuilders who use gear have insane veins popping out and worsen overtime .. I wouldnt be surprised if he’s actually natty, I have a friend with insane premium genetics like his and people would swear he’s been using, same crazy arms 8pack all year round natty powerlifting canadian records.. its all in the genes his grandfather was top bodybuilder here in canada, his cousin looks 180lbs at 160 his muscles insertions are carzy, people just like to hate with jealousy… your genes sucks so what get over it…


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