Meet Blessings and Krizo.

The greatest thing about bodybuilding as a lifestyle is that anyone can do it. Sure, genetics can put certain glass ceilings on the nitty gritty details of a person’s physique – but any human being can decide to transform their body. That being the case, there are plenty of mass monsters out there that don’t dawn the pro bodybuilding stage. Some just prefer not to compete – others have other obstacles in their way from going headfirst into competing on massive competition stages like the Arnold Classic or Mr. Olympia. That’s what makes the digital era of bodybuilding so fantastic – fans can discover their own unique favorite mass monsters beyond the leagues and competition (just look at how famous Rich Piana got through YouTube alone).

Case in point, we want introduce you to Blessings and Krizo. You may have heard about these two bodybuilders before – but if you haven’t – this face off video is the perfect introduction. These bodybuilders are shredded to the bone and jacked beyond belief. Who do you think is the most superior? Watch the video, courtesy of Williams Fitness, above and decide for yourself!




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