We often talk about sacrifice – but Kai puts it into specifics by detailing his own experiences.

Kai Greene is one of the greatest bodybuilders in the world. There’s no doubt about that. Even if he never landed a Mr. Olympia win. Even if he retired arguably before his prime was over. It doesn’t matter. To this day his physique is still one that can demolish other bodybuilders still competing. He is someone who passionately and constantly dedicated his life to bodybuilding.

And to have that kind of legendary dedication requires sacrifice. Sacrifice is something we often talk about in any athletic endeavor – but it’s easy to talk about in vague metaphors and more challenging when the real sacrifices have to be made.

In this video compiled by Fazi Fitness, Kai Greene goes into detail about the kinds of specific sacrifices he made to become the legendary bodybuilder he is today. This might be the harsh pill many young aspiring competitors need to swallow in order to become the next legendary name in the sport. Is it the kind of sacrifice you can make?

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