Kenny K.O. highlights another mind blowing athlete on social media.

Calisthenics might be the opposite of bodybuilding – all about functional strength and less about the look of every detail on your physique – but it’s still an impressive fitness endeavor. It’s also extremely mind blowing to watch when you get into the top tier level of the skillset. Case in point, a man who goes by Pivet on Instagram and shatters the very wall of reality with his insane strength and calisthenic skill. As part of his ongoing series to highlight other athletes on social media, Kenny K.O. gives us some highlights from Pivet’s earth shattering abilities. Check it out above!

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  1. You guys have out done yourselves. You’ve created a new post category. YOU’RE ACTUALLY POSTING ABOUT A GUY THAT TALKS ABOUT POSTS OF OTHER PEOPLE! That’s INSANE. There’s no value here and this KO guy starts the video off by saying he thinks the guys last name is MADKILLA???!!! Again FIRE your SOCIAL team!!


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