“Make A Decision”

The Classic Physique division keeps growing in popularity – with many Men’s Open bodybuilders moving down into the division and many Men’s Physique competitors moving up into the division. While it’s still an early call – this might end up being one of the most popular divisions in bodybuilding.  So why are people choosing to join this brand new division? Has this been a long time coming? The return of Golden Era classic physiques? This motivational video expertly put together by Varjyer Motivation showcases the appeal of why bodybuilders make the decision to join this brand new division. And gives some insight into what this epic new category might hold for bodybuilding’s future. Check it out above. Will you be building a classic physique?

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  1. Because being in the open category as a BB takes time if you do it the right way and not overdue AAS. Classic doesn’t take as long to get to physique wise as BB. Black and white

  2. All bodybuilders take the same amount of steroids no matter the division, your genetics determine where you end up, if you have a very large frame like big ramy it would be impossible to do classic physique, if you have a small frame like sadik you could never do well as a open bodybuilder, if you have a very large frame like regan but you are a pussy who doesn’t want to put in the hard work to make the best use of your talent then you will run to classic thinking that you will do well.

  3. And last year Phil Heath said Classic was just for weekend guys or a stepping stone for less serious athletes. No Phil, these guys look more human and classic at least looks achievable to some. Also they look athletic like bodybuilders used to look like not over inflated mass monsters.

  4. Just imagine how popular classic would be if they finally got the politics out of the IFBB. A bunch of top level crossfitters and powerlifters are strong AF and on gear as it is. Would take a small tweak to their training and drug regiments to get them in contest shape. Athletes want to compete in a sport where the best man on game day wins. Who wants to go through all that trouble just for the judges to pass on you because they are writing someone else’s “story” …. my 2 cents


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