Forever swole!

While many bodybuilders have their day in the sun, a time where they were at their best with very few as their equal, there always comes a time where a competitor must bow out from the sport and allow the next generation to take over. In their retirement we have seen many bodybuilders shrivel away into shadows of their former selves, losing all the massive muscle they trained so hard to attain.

But not every bodybuilder is created equal. While there are a great deal of bodybuilders that lose their gains completely for one reason or another, there are those who remain diligent and still choose to maintain their muscle, albeit to a lesser extent than when they were at the height of their powers.

There are some bodybuilders who have avoided massive injuries throughout their career and as such are still able to train hard and put some some young bodybuilders to shame. The video courtesy of Fazi Fitness offers up just a few bodybuilders who are still capable of maintaining well muscled physiques even after their retirement.

What do you think of these bodybuilding veterans are their impressive forms post retirement?

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