A spotlight on an up and coming Bikini competitor.

The IFBB Pro league would be nothing without a strong amateur league to farm competitors that will eventually become legends. While it’s hard to tell which amateurs who turn pro will eventually turn heads in the top 5, it’s important to put a spotlight on these young competitors who are thirsty to become an IFBB champion. That’s why Ric Drasin sat down to interview Brook Daniels – a recent Bikini division G Arnold Amateur champion who has her eyes set on becoming the best in the pro league.

What does it take to train and prepare to push through the amateur league and earn your pro card? Brook Daniels reveals her experience as a Bikini competitor and gives us some true insight as to what the beginning looks like… when hundreds of other amateur competitors want the same thing as you and there are no guarantees of going pro unless you work your ass off and do something special. See the full interview above!

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