Kenny K.O. gives his take on how to decide if you should use steroids.

Kenny K.O. is often a YouTube bodybuilder who causes a lot of controversy by calling people out for various things online – fake weights or fake natural bodybuilders. He says the thins that many people aren’t willing to say which garners him tons of respect but also tons of heat as well. But this video is a bit different – as Kenny is turns the attention away from other bodybuilders and more on his personal experience.

The video above follows Kenny throughout his entire day to give you an idea of what kind of person he is and how he lives his life – but more importantly he dedicates a chunk of the video to answer the question: How do you decide if you should use steroids or not? The answer of course depends on what your goals are and what kind of person you are – but Kenny takes a chunk of time to really break it down and help facilitate the conversation that all bodybuilders need to have with themselves at one point or another.

To be clear, Kenny K.O. is not a medical expert and his advice is purely based on his own experience. But this kind of honest and personal talk about steroids can help take away the taboo aspect of steroids and hopefully help those who are torn on the subject. At best, this video can help prepare you for what really lies ahead when taking steroids so there are no surprises down the road. Should you take steroids? Find out in the video above!

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