Tom Platz might be the most hardcore trainer out there.

We all know Tom Platz as a master class bodybuilder who had incredible legs. Perhaps the most incredible legs of all time in the world of bodybuilding. That was a long time ago though, and now Platz focuses more of his time as a trainer. And judging by this motivational video put together by Varyjer Motivation… he’s one of the most insane and intense bodybuilding trainers of all time. Once the video kicks into gear you hear a chorus of screaming – these are his trainees screaming in pain from how far he pushes them. We’re getting a rush of blood just writing this right now.

Don’t be a baby on leg day. Let this video push you into untold levels of motivation for your next leg day workout. Your legs will burn and pulse with the power of Tom Platz. Trust us – check it out above!

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  1. Not all of you need to train legs like this but maybe other body parts you would benefit from this method. Tom had to work extremely hard to get the legs he thought could win a show. If you ever see him at a younger age he has some of the worst leg genetics I’ve ever seen. This is why he trained so hard.


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