The top five best bodybuilders that never got the Sandow trophy.

The Mr. Olympia competition brings out the greatest bodybuilders in the world for one weekend a year. Showcasing the best physiques in existence. But like any competition – there can only be one winner every year. This doesn’t mean that the athletes landing positions two through five aren’t talented…. it just means they aren’t the number one best.

Sometimes timing plays an important factor. Many bodybuilders were phenomenal during Ronnie Coleman’s reign as Olympia champion for eight years… and maybe they would have landed a first place spot once or twice if Ronnie wasn’t there raising the bar to new unheard of levels. That’s why Bodybuilding For Life has put together this list of the top 5 greatest uncrowned Mr. Olympia bodybuilders. The athletes who deserve recognition despite not earning the crown. Check it out above!

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  1. Don’t you mean…..
    “5 really great bodybuilders who were beaten by better bodybuilders?”
    That said, (in my opinion) if there had been a 212 class in Shawn Rays day, he would’ve dominated the class. The dude was nearly perfect.


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