Generation Iron Recap August 22 2014A look back at the week of 8/22/14.

Well here we are again. Another Friday means another weekly recap here at the GI Nation. So take a seat, kick your feet up, and get ready for the weekend by catching up on all this bodybuilding news.

Top 6 Bodybuilding Rivals

If you didn’t catch it earlier today, we covered our list of the best bodybuilding rivals of all time. Rivals always push each other past their limits. Without each other, they may not ever reach the heights they ultimately achieve. And the best part? It’s damn fun to watch.

Best Bodybuilding Nicknames

Sometimes you don’t chose a name, the name chooses you. Bodybuilders have had a long tradition of adapting stage names – either by choice or given to them. Sometimes the name is fitting, sometimes it’s not. This week we put together what we think are the top ten best nicknames ever to take stage.

Work Those Shoulders Into Rocks

Guest contributor Geo Chang stopped by again to show us all a truly great back workout that can give you mammoth shoulders. If you missed it this week, you can check it out here and add it into your workout routine for next week!

Kai Greene Opens Up About his “BELIEVE” Seminar

On August 9th, Kai Greene gave his fans a treat with his unbelievable “BELIEVE” seminar (no pun intended). For six hours Kai opened up about his past, his inspirations, and gave motivational advice for the future generation. In case you couldn’t make it to New York, we got an exclusive interview right after the event that you can watch below.

Dallas Pro Results

Another week, another pro event completed. In case you haven’t gotten a chance to see all the results from the great IFBB Dallas Pro last weekend – we have the whole thing right here for you.

Lose Fat, Gain Muscle

One of the hardest things to do is lose fat without losing all that hard earned muscle. This week we talked about a few methods and tips on how to make this a reality. It might not be possible for everyone – but that doesn’t mean we won’t try!

Make Some Good Eats With This London Broil

On Wednesday we provided a little mid-week meal for to help mix up your strict bodybuilding diet. A mouth-watering London Broil with sweet potatoes. We know, we’re already hungry too.

Debunking the Top 5 Food Myths

Speaking of diets, sometimes all of these strict bodybuilding nutrition rules and regulations get over exaggerated over time. We talk about some food myths and whether or not they actually hold true.

Phil Heath Changing the Face of Bodybuilding

This week we took an in depth look into the social life of Phil Heath – and by that we mean his life using social media. Whether it be connecting with the fans, spreading bodybuilding news, or providing thoughtful insights – Phil Heath is providing an engagement that the rest of bodybuilding should follow.

R.I.P. Mike Matarazzo

Of course, this week also brought the tragic news of Mike Matarazzo’s passing. He was a tremendous person and a tremendous bodybuilder. We were very sad to report this news – but hope that his memory will live on through his family and the fans.


That about rounds up this week in the GI Nation. As always, you can check back with us every day for new articles and information about all things bodybuilding. Also check out our Facebook and Twitter too. Trust us, we don’t bite.

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