Generation Iron Recap Kai Greene

A look back at the week of 8/29/2014.

Happy Friday Generation Iron fans and fitness enthusiasts! Looks like most of us are in store for an extra long weekend because of Labor Day – which means even more time for the gym. But before you jump into that next workout, check out everything you may have missed in the GI Nation.

Here’s our recap:

2014 Olympia Qualifiers Update

The most recent, and most likely final, update of the 2014 Mr. Olympia qualifiers was released this week. Stop on by to check out who will be competing for the coveted Sandow trophy in less than a month!

Top 5 Exercises for Your Biceps

Let’s face it. Biceps are the most fun muscle to show off. It’s just so easy. Throw on a tank top and you got a one way ticket to the gun show. But how can you maximize your gains when it comes to bulging biceps? We list off the top five exercises to help you out.

Top 9 Richest Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle. We get that. But how much does that lifestyle pay? If you dedicate yourself to bodybuilding as a full time job – how much money can you earn? We list off the top 9 richest bodybuilders of all time to give you an idea.

Flask Back: Jay Cutler 2009

We were feeling a little nostalgic this week so we decided to take a look back at Jay Cutler circa 2009. Check out these pictures of him right after the 2009 Mr. Olympia and marvel at his sculpted glory.

Old School Workout: Lee Haney

This week we continued our Old School Workout series with an intense regimen performed by “Total-Lee Awesome” Haney himself. What better way to look like a pro than to train like a champion?

The Ultimate Goal Setting Tips

You can lift weights every single day until the cows come home – but how long is that going to last when you don’t have a plan? In this week’s guide to goal setting we break down what it takes to keep you motivated and improving as you pump your way towards a bodybuilding lifestyle.

Are You Working Out Wrong?

When you spend so much time in the gym – sometimes you get into a groove. Sometimes you get into bad grooves without even knowing it. This week we listed off some of the top ways that you might be working out incorrectly and not even realize it.

Top 5 Myths About Red Meat

As any bodybuilder knows, protein from foods like red meat is very important to bulking up. So this week we highlighted some myths that paint meat in a bad light. Maybe it’s not as bad as everyone keeps making it out to be.

Phil Heath’s Secret Weapon

Phil Heath is the current 3x Olympia champion. But how did he get to where he is today. This week we took a look at his workout regimen and highlight the key to his enormous success (besides all of the hard, hard work of course).

Want to Become a Bodybuilder? Here’s How

The road to becoming a pro bodybuilder is longer and more complicated than you might think. So you want to make it to the pro league? We break down how to grab the coveted pro card and make it to the top ranks.


That about sums it up for this week. Make sure to stop by tomorrow for more updates on everything bodybuilding and fitness! You can always get the most up-to-date information by following us on Twitter and Facebook. Also, every week until the Olympia we will be counting down with exciting news and profiles as we make our way to the biggest bodybuilding competition of the year – you can read about the Road to Olympia here.

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