Generation Iron Wishes Ronnie Ronnie Coleman the bestGeneration Iron sends all of our well wishes to Ronnie Coleman.

Ronnie Coleman has been getting into a lot of headlines recently. Yes, as many of you have most likely already heard – Ronnie Coleman went into surgery on July 31st for a double hip replacement and a second surgery on August 13th. We are incredibly happy that the surgeries were successful and Ronnie Coleman is now resting and in recovery.

We here at Generation Iron would like to send all of our well wishes to Ronnie and hope for a speedy recovery. He was The King of bodybuilding and to many was considered the best bodybuilder that had ever lived. Ronnie Coleman is a true inspiration for us all – from the teens who have seen him on stage and aspired to one day reach his size; to his fellow competitors who had to push even harder to try and stack up to his talent.

And while this major surgery will no doubt effect his bodybuilding lifestyle – what it will not effect is his drive, determination, and spirit. He will always be a bodybuilder at heart. That can never be taken away. Ronnie said it best after he announced the success of his first surgery:

“Yeah Buddy, Lightweight Baby, these hip replacements ain’t nothing but a peanut.”

Wishing you all the best, Ronnie!


Quote courtesy of Evolution of Bodybuilding.

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