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The First Digital Network For Bodybuilders

Welcome to the Generation Iron Fitness Network – the first ever digital space where you can get all things bodybuilding in one place. That means workout tips to get you pumped; contest coverage of the latest big shows; and on the spot breaking news about the pros. This is the best collection of shredded muscles and pumped up iron. No more searching around multiple sources for the complete picture. We have it all.

But we are also a complete online Network. Our goal is to provide brand new, original programming that you can watch right on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. We’ll give you access to the biggest stars of bodybuilding and an inside view of their world. It takes a lot of  hard, hard work to live the life of a bodybuilder but that doesn’t mean at the end of the day that you can’t kick your feet up and watch some high quality entertainment about the thing you love the most – pumping some serious iron.

Join the movement. Subscribe now and become part of a whole new community of breaking news and top notch entertainment in the sport of bodybuilding.

Original Digital Programming

Generation Iron East Coast Mecca SeriesGeneration Iron Fitness Network is dedicated to making the highest quality digital series aimed at educating and entertaining fans and athletes in the bodybuilding industry. Taking the documentary knowledge from our namesake – in depth docu-series highlight specific athletes or gyms build the backbone of our original programming.

You’ll also find exclusive interviews, video news updates, topical countdown shows, and debate/talk shows all geared towards bodybuilding, weight lifting, diet, and nutrition. Highlighting the personalities behind the iron and the muscle – our number one goal is to provide a unique entertainment experience exclusively for hardcore bodybuilders.

GI Original Films

Generation Iron CT Fletcher Movie Available NowGeneration Iron Fitness Network continues to produce original feature length films available on home video and VOD – including recent titles such as CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession, Kai Greene: Believe, Generation Iron 2, and more! Giving bodybuilding and weight training the feature length platform it deserves, GI Original Films explore the beating heart, drama, and excitement behind some of the most fascinating people in not only bodybuilding – but the world.

Competition & News Coverage

Generation Iron GI News HeaderGeneration Iron Fitness Network is also on the ground floor for some of the biggest bodybuilding competitions and events every year – bringing you live stream coverage, exclusive athlete interviews, & breaking news coverage as it develops. We have been the proud live stream broadcasters of the Arnold Classic Ohio for two years and counting. Keep yourself up to date on all bodybuilding and fitness happenings right here.

Kai Greene’s Partnership With Generation Iron

Kai Greene Generation IronThe Generation Iron Fitness Network and Kai Greene have now officially partnered up to provide a whole new era of Kai Greene. What does this mean exactly? Kai Greene is now officially an executive producer, spokesperson, and executive editor of Generation Iron. Working together we will create multiple entertainment and fitness shows in conjunction with The Vladar Company. Currently, Kai Greene hosts a weekly Generation Iron podcast with CBS, released a brand new motivational series called Words of Wisdom, and updates on his latest training tips.