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Zac Aynsley (also known as Mr. Biceps) is a British fitness model, personal trainer, TV personality, and bodybuilder most notably known for his impressive biceps.

Through hard work and sacrifice, Zac managed to build an incredible physique, and has since become a fitness sensation. With over 1M followers on Instagram, Zac has made over 10 television appearances and graced the cover of over 15 magazine and book covers. He has shown his audience how fitness and bodybuilding can be used as a platform to make positive change in the world and in an individual’s personal life.

In his childhood, Zac suffered from bullying which caused Zac depression and anxiety growing up. He eventually discovered weightlifting, which helped him channel his focus and energy into something positive. To this day Zac is outspoken and open about his past experience with bullying to help put a spotlight on the ongoing problem in schools across the country.

Zac is managed by Edwin Mejia Jr. and is currently featured as the face of Generation Iron Apparel. He is set to star in a new documentary produced by Generation Iron. He is also scheduled to compete in 2019 via the Men’s Physique Division. You can visit his official website right here.

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