The bodybuilding and fitness world is filled with a whose who of talented athletes, businessmen, and personalities, all of them leaving their own impact on the health and wellness industry. Generation Iron’s Power 30 honors thirty unique and important individuals who have left their mark on the bodybuilding and fitness industry this year.

The Power 30 is our annual attempt to create a ranking, through in depth discussions amongst our editorial staff, of the 30 athletes, CEOs, and personalities that have made an impact on bodybuilding this year. We’ll be updating the list every Friday for the entire month of August.

This week, the Power 30 list counts down 30-25 on our list.

30Angelica Teixeira

Angelica Teixeira makes the list for her astounding upset victory over recent Olympia Bikini champion Courtney King at the 2017 Arnold Sports Festival. While Teixeira’s star has steadily risen through the years, a win at one of the most well respected bodybuilding shows of the year has put her on everyone’s radar. Heading into the Olympia she has established herself as the favorite, but that also means she’ll have a target on her back and whole lot to prove. She has also recently signed with GAT to become their official sponsored athlete.

29Edwin Mejia Jr.

A deal maker with a penchant for converting bodybuilders into prospective Hollywood stars, Edwin Mejia Jr. is a producer who bridges the gap between bodybuilding and the entertainment industry. Bringing bodybuilding and combat sports projects to the masses via Netflix, ESPN and Amazon, with films like Generation Iron, CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession, The Hurt Business and Generation Iron 2, Mejia is a media giant in the making. Co-managing Kai Greene and recently signing Calum von Moger to his ranks, Edwin Mejia Jr. is proving to be a force in the fitness and bodybuilding industry.

28Calum von Moger

Calum von Moger has had quite the year. From finally making the decision to compete in the NPC to starring in Generation Iron 2, Calum’s stock has been exploding in the last few years. Between his social media presence and his victories in competition, Calum von Moger is quickly establishing himself as one of the top prospects to watch in the industry. Should he earn his pro card within the year we could see Calum competing at the 2018 Olympia against the best of the best in the Classic Physique division.

27Flex Wheeler

One of the most iconic bodybuilders in the history of the sport, Flex Wheeler is a man who commands a ton of respect within the fitness and bodybuilding landscape. While competing in open weight bodybuilding in the 90s he established himself for having one of the best physiques around. Now that he’s chosen to make a comeback to the stage, interest in Flex Wheeler has exploded making his appearance at this year’s Olympia all the more intriguing. He has also expanded into the business of bodybuilding as a n official Blackskull Labs athlete, owner and partner of The Kooler (which appeared on the famous show Shark Tank), and sponsored athlete of Otomix shoes.

26Aaron Singerman

CEO of Redcon1, Aaron Singerman is proving himself to be an entrepreneur to keep an eye on. With Redcon1 Aaron Singerman is establishing a strong, up and coming supplement brand that is already flourishing. He’s also responsible for co-founding Blackstone Labs, is the CEO and founder of Prime Nutrition, and also helps co-manage brands such as Dynamik Muscle and Iron Addicts. With athletes like Dallas McCarver under this great brand, it’s already apparent that Aaron Singerman is doing something right. This is a man to keep an eye on in the bodybuilding and supplement industry.

25Steve Blechman

Owner and operator of one of the most famous bodybuilding magazines ever, Steve Blechman is a man who commands a ton of respect in the industry. Muscular Development is one of the premier bodybuilding magazines out there and is still going strong. With Blechman at the helm, Muscular Development has produced a ton of content and given bodybuilders exposure directly to the fans for over fifteen years.

24Cedric McMillan

One of the top bodybuilders in the sport, Cedric McMillan has been proving himself to be a man to watch in the Open Weight division. Genetically talented with a never say die attitude to training, McMillan has pushed himself to be a superb bodybuilder, captivating the masses with his mix of natural charisma and classical form. In fact, Cedric McMillan’s classical physique and presentation inspired Arnold Schwarzenegger to add new rules to the Arnold Classic in order to accommodate presentation and not simply focusing on massive size. With his big win at the Arnold Classic 2017, Cedric McMillan is looking to bring a ton of momentum with him to the Olympia this September.

23Oksana Grishina

A Ms. Fitness Olympia and Arnold Classic Champion, Oksana Grishina has proven herself to be one of the most influential female fitness figures in the industry today. With her charisma and daring fitness routines, it’s easy to see why Oksana is such a crowd favorite at every fitness competition. The impact that she’s had on the fitness category is obvious and with the 2017 Olympia being her last, you can bet all eyes will be on Oksana at the biggest event of the year.

22Tony Doherty

When you think of the Arnold Classic competition most individuals immediately think about the man who the competition is name after. But there are so many other figures who have a major influence on ensuring the Arnold Classic events go off without a hitch and Tony Doherty is one of them. As show runner for the Arnold Classic Australia, Tony Doherty has been influential in making bodybuilding a global phenomenon. Owning six gyms in Australia, it’s apparent that Tony Doherty is leaving his stamp on bodybuilding on the international stage.

21Steve Cook

With a massive mainstream audience and tremendous fanfare, Steve Cook has become one of bodybuilding’s major players. Cook has been able to generate a large following through social media and online training programs that yield tremendous results for his clients. Sponsored by Optimum Nutrition, having his own clothing line, and inventing his very own fitness program, Steve Cook is only getting more and more attention as time passes. His next endeavor is to open up his own gym which will no doubt continue to bolster the success of one of the fitness industry’s best and brightest.

20Hany Rambod

One of the best trainers in the industry today, Hany Rambod has proven himself to be a wizard at cultivating pro talent. While these days he’s known as the man who trains Olympia open weight bodybuilding king Phil Heath, Rambod has also trained the likes of former Olympia champion Jay Cutler cementing himself as one of the best trainers in the business. With other champions like Jeremy Buendia under his tutelage and his fitness plan the FST-7 Training Program, Hany Rambod has created a legacy of molding the best of the best bodybuilding athletes in the modern era.

19James Grage

After a life threatening car accident, James Grage would be changed forever. With the severe damage to his lower body, it was near impossible for anyone to believe Grage would ever walk normally again, much less make a return to fitness. But James Grage defied the odds and through hard work and determination was able to rebuild what he had lost. But he wouldn’t stop there. Grage also became Executive Vice President of BPI Sports, a world renowned distributor of supplements and training gear. With such a compelling story its no wonder how Grage was able to help make BPI Sports a household name.

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