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Generation Iron Bodybuilding & Fitness Network is the first ever digital space broadcasting original video content for all things bodybuilding and fitness. Providing premiere contest coverage, news and cutting edge original shows – the network’s vision is to deliver all aspects of bodybuilding instantly to fans across the globe. No limitations. No missed opportunities. Just pure groundbreaking bodybuilding.

Bringing cinematic production value to the constantly growing industry of bodybuilding and fitness. We have a wide variety of brand new digital series – such as GI Weekly, Iron Cinema, No Flex Zone, and East Coast Mecca – connecting you even deeper into the world of bodybuilding.

The Generation Iron Fitness Network is also partnered with Kai Greene to provide brand new content featuring the champion bodybuilder. In 2015, we released Kai Greene: BELIEVE – showing a brand new side of the philosophical bodybuilder through a show stopping one man performance. Then we followed Kai to the Arnold Classic in Ohio and documented his entire journey to his big win. Titled, Kai Greene: The Return, the 3-part series gives unprecedented access into what it takes to be the best bodybuilder in the world.

Generation Iron is also expanding the brand on an international level. The launching of Generation Iron Brasil was a major accomplishment for the team and ensures the bodybuilding news will also be filtered to our loyal Brazilian fans. Along with mixed martial arts, bodybuilding and fitness are vastly popular in Brasil. Generation Iron is hoping to offer all things bodybuilding Brasil can handle.

Generation Iron as a brand is happy give athletic individuals a platform to showcase their personality. A Brasil bodybuilder now has the opportunity to further increase their reach and influence through Generation Iron Brasil posts and original programming. This is a major win for the brand and one that will be sure to leave our Brazilian fan base more than satisfied!

There’s no more need to scour the web for bits and pieces of bodybuilding and fitness information. It’s now all in one place showcasing the news, entertainment, and lifestyle of this ever-growing industry.