18 Best Butts On The Internet (2023 Update)

best butts on the internet
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These influencers are ones to check out for their amazing physiques and large followings.

Social media and Instagram have plenty of influencers, trainers, and athletes with stellar physiques, whether they have massive amounts of muscle mass and symmetry, are extremely shredded with popping abs, and so on. But some share the throne as having the best overall physique, even more so, the best ass. These influencers and their followers are one of the main reasons Instagram has stayed on top of the social media game for so long.

We put together a list of the top butts on the Internet and ones you should definitely follow on Instagram. From influencers, trainers, and athletes, these women have worked hard for their shredded legs and toned aesthetic and deserve to show them off. Here’s a list of the best butts on the Internet (in no particular order) from those who take health and fitness more than seriously.

1. Jen Selter


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A post shared by Jen Selter (@jenselter)

Jen Selter is a 29-year-old internet celebrity celebrated amongst her followers for her perfect rear. Selter has appeared on many TV shows promoting health and fitness; we’re sure we’ll see much more of her in the future. From a young age, she gathered significant attention and now has millions of followers who follow her and her workout routines.

2. Alice Matos


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A post shared by Alice Matos (@alice)

Alice Matos is a Brazilian beauty with a stellar booty. Matos is much more than a pretty face. Alice runs her fashion brand, Labellamafia, and has turned it into a widely successful fashion label. From clothes, bathing suits, shoes, and more, she has grown this brand into something special to maximize your wardrobe. With close to 2 million followers, she is motivated to help others look as great as she does.

3. Michelle Lewin


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A post shared by Michelle Lewin (@michelle_lewin)

Michelle Lewin is one of the most successful fitness athletes and has been around for the longest time. Lewin has appeared in several fitness magazines and is known for her grueling workouts. Social media has allowed her to reach fans worldwide, and she is recognized by many as “Miss Worldwide.” Part model and bodybuilder, her nearly 14 million followers check her out every day to get in shape like she is.

4. Brittany Perille Yobe

Brittany Perille Yobe is a certified personal trainer with close to 1.5 million followers. She’s used a rigorous and effective workout routine to get in unbelievable shape. Using social media as a great platform, she spreads her knowledge on how to get a renowned physique as she has. Yobe is sponsored by Legion Athletics Inc., which also carries great supplements that she uses.

5. Paige Hathaway


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A post shared by Paige Hathaway (@paigehathaway)

Paige Hathaway is a highly followed fitness athlete and influencer. Hathaway has a butt to die for, and she is big on breaking the stereotype that muscles aren’t for women. With a body sculpted from a rigorous workout routine, people will surely want notes from her. She helps men and women gain more confidence by transforming their bodies with great programs.

6. Sonia Isaza


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A post shared by Sonia Isaza (@niaisazaoficial)

Sonia Isaza is a Colombian bodybuilder and fitness model with an incredible physique. With over 3 million followers on social media, Sonia is one to take note of for her work ethic, workouts, and modeling photos, showing off a shredded aesthetic. Using her platform, she seeks to inspire change in others while also continuing to promote herself.

7. Ana Cheri


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A post shared by AnaCherí (@anacheri)

Ana Cheri started as a Playboy playmate and has made it big in the fitness industry. Cheri owns a gym with her husband and has a bikini line. Cheri has one of the best butts, and her hourglass figure adds to it. With great products, her line will help to get you to look as great as she does.

8. Ashley Kaltwasser


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A post shared by Ashley Kaltwasser (@ashleykfit)

Ashley Kaltwasser is a 3X Ms. Bikini Olympia winner (2013, 2014, and 2015). Needless to say, she has one of the best butts in the industry. Kaltwasser has left competing and focused on building her following on the internet. With 1 million followers on Instagram, she also uses her YouTube channel to show people how to get as fit as she is to see great results.

9. Courtney King


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A post shared by Courtney King (@courtneykiing)

Courtney King won the Ms. Bikini Olympia in 2015, she is also the fiancee of classic physique Mr. Olympia champion, Chris Bumstead. King is a force in the fitness industry, and we would go as far as to say she knows how to get you to where you want to be to look like her. Courtney posts her glute workouts online, and you should try them. Promoting health, fitness, and an overall productive lifestyle, King is one to follow for her expertise and great physique.

10. Amanda Latona


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A post shared by Amanda Latona (@amandalatona)

Amanda Latona is a 10-time IFBB Bikini Champion and business women who use Instagram to enlighten her over 600,000 followers on how to live a successful lifestyle and look as great as she does. Her line Booty Queen Apparel is a high-quality fitness line to motivate and inspire all.

11. Francielle Mattos


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A post shared by Francielle Mattos (@franciellemattos)

Francielle Mattos was the first-ever Wellness Olympia champion in 2021. The Wellness division was added to the IFBB Pro League Olympia categories in 2021. Its focus is on women with more muscular lower bodies.

12. Bruna Lima


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A post shared by Bruna Lima (@xoobruna)

Bruna Lima is a Brazilian fitness model that gives hope to all the moms out there. This mom broke through the internet to garner millions of followers after working at a juice bar in her local gym, all thanks to her astonishing physique. She models for the online fashion retail company for women, Fashion Nova.

13. Sommer Ray 


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A post shared by Sommer Ray (@sommerray)

If you’ve been lurking on Instagram models, you surely would have come across this Colorado native beauty by now. Birthed from competitive bodybuilder, Sommer Ray started bodybuilding in 2013 and earned two trophies at the 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships.

14. Heidi Somers


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A post shared by Heidi Somers (@buffbunny)

Heidi Somers is a CrossFitter turn bodybuilder from Alaska. She runs the Houston boutique and clothing lines Buffbunny Boutique and Buffbunny Collection. “Buff Bunny” is dating the fitness influencer and founder of the fitness and lifestyle wear company Alphalete, Christian Guzman.

15. Krissy Cela 


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A post shared by Krissy Cela (@krissycela)

Besides Krissy Cela’s stunning physique, she’s got an amazing sense of humor. This duo has amassed millions of followers on Instagram. She’s the founder of the fitness company EvolveYou, where she shares glute-building workouts and recipes and meal plans with her fans. She’s also the founder of the activewear company for women, Oner Active. Cela is a good inspiration for her audience after surviving a breast lump diagnosis in 2021.

16. Carol Saraiva


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A post shared by Carol Saraiva (@carolsaraivafitness)

Carol Saraiva started lifting weights after a doctor recommended weightlifting to her after suffering a volleyball injury. Of course, this led to collecting an engaged social medial following.

17. Amanda Lee 


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A post shared by Amanda Lee (@amandaeliselee)

Amana Lee is a certified personal trainer, fitness model, and social media influencer. She’s best known for her unique style on Instagram. Lee’s fitness journey started weighing only 98 pounds as a teenager. Now, her Goddess physique has acquired her features in multiple publications.

18. Yanet Garcia 

If you keep up with weather news, you know this news anchor beauty. Yanet Garcia is most known for her viral videos of her presenting weather. Since then, this Mexican weather girl has garnered over a dozen million followers on the internet. Of course, besides her weather reports, her fitness routine played a part. Now, in addition to reporting the weather, she’s a fitness trainer and health coach.

Best Butts Wrap Up

These influencers, trainers, and athletes will surely kick you into gear to train harder to attain that shredded physique. They reign on top of the Internet as the 18 best butts around. Instagram is a hub of stellar aesthetics; this list proves just what it takes to sit on the throne of the best butts.

Who do you think has the best butt on the internet?

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