Gym Crush: Courtney King is a True Beauty

Gym Crush - Courtney King
Images via Instagram @courtneykiing

Courtney King is strong and gorgeous.

Courtney King is the Ms. Bikini Olympia 2016, so it’s safe to say she has one of the best bodies on the planet. Not only does she has an amazing body but she also has a beautiful heart and spirit.

Courtney has an active Instagram (467K followers) where she regularly posts her training routines, diet tips, and lifestyle posts. King is genuinely one of the most humble, genuine, and caring fitness athletes you’ll come across on Instagram.

Courtney King – The Bikini Queen

Courtney King is in her mid 20’s and started on her fitness journey early in her life. She was 17 years old when she first stepped onto a stage. King currently offers her services online for Competition Prep and personal training through her website.

King is a Gym Shark sponsored athlete and has her own line of clothing in collaboration with the company. Sometimes you might end up wondering if the clothes make her look so good, or is it the other way around.

A Foodie at Heart

If you’re into healthy┬ádiets and recipes, following Courtney’s YouTube channel is a must. Courtney has everything from protein ice-creams, muffins, cakes on her channel. You’ll just love the recipes King shares.


Courtney’s pear-shaped butt is probably her best body part. She helps her followers achieve a rear like her’s by sharing exercises and training tips on her Instagram. Achieving a Ms. Bikini Olympia level butt isn’t easy, and King’s workouts are the proof.

Always Remeber to Have Fun While You’re at it

Courtney isn’t all about business, she’ll keep you entertained with posts like these. We’re sorry Drake but we’ll have to give this one to Courtney. We’re sure Drake wouldn’t mind either.

King became a new mom recently after getting a new French Bulldog, Poppie. Courtney’s selfies with her baby girl will make you fall head over heels in love with both of them. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting a pet dog for yourself after following King.

What we love about Courtney is the fact she is a complete foodie and shares pictures of delicious looking mouth-watering food. You won’t be seeing the good old chicken breast and rice on her timeline.


Be My Muse

Courtney is an outdoor person and you’ll find her posing with beautiful landscapes in the background. You’ll have to make a choice between looking at her or the scenery behind her. It won’t be a hard decision to make though.

Coming as a surprise to everyone, Courtney didn’t step onto the Ms. Bikini Olympia stage to defend her title in 2018 owing to health reasons. King has had her fair share of ups and downs in her fitness career.

An even bigger surprise came when Courtney announced her sudden retirement from competing this year in March. King had a small career on the Ms. Bikini Olympia stage, but she made a dent, let her presence know and will be remembered for a long time for her incredible physique.

The GI team wishes Courtney King the best of luck and hope for health and happiness. We hope she achieves bigger things in the fitness industry.

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