Best Testosterone Boosters For Increased Performance 2020

Testosterone boosters are a performance aid best used in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

Many people who train hard take testosterone boosters for a subtle boost and others take them as a part of a daily health routine. Since testosterone boosters are great aids for increasing performance in athletes of all levels, those will low testosterone should consider taking these supplements. It should be clear that natural testosterone boosters are not steroids but performance enhancing aids used for those with low testosterone and can prove worthwhile so we put together a list of the best testosterone booster supplements to improve normal levels and mood changes while also regulating estrogen levels to see results.

Testosterone is a vital sex hormone to help aid in muscle growth and development, hair growth, and other important daily functions for both men and women. Men produce way more of it and when levels are decreased, it can lead to poor sex drive and a host of other unwanted side effects. This is where a solid natural testosterone booster can come to your aid.

Testosterone has great benefits on your body and low testosterone levels in men can really hurt more than one aspect of your training and overall quality of life. The key factors of testosterone, and why a testosterone booster would be beneficial are important to know so you are comfortable with the choice to take a natural testosterone booster to improve your overall health and wellness.

Key Factors of Testosterone:

  • Heart and blood health: Helps with red blood cell production in bone marrow
  • Body composition: Increases muscle mass while decreasing fat mass
  • Bone density: Strengthens bones to boost athletic performance
  • Sex drive: Increases libido and overall sexual function
  • Cognitive function: By increasing oxygen around your body and brain

When taking testosterone boosters, expectations should be that you may see a slight change in performance and that’s with any nutritional supplement. While supplements should never replace food, as their are ways to naturally boost your low testosterone levels, they should be used in tandem with a healthy diet to see great gains. Don’t let low testosterone bring you down and look into a solid testosterone booster for increased testosterone for every day use and great results.

Check out our list of the best testosterone boosters, which are good enough to give you a slight edge. Each has unique features but will work to your benefit for overall testosterone boosting properties to really work to enhance performance results.

Check Out These Quality Test Boosters…

Best Blended Formula: Centrapeak

Centrapeak is a great testosterone booster to increase vitality for improved physical condition and mental strength. Designed to support testosterone and cognitive wellbeing, this product will increase T levels to boost energy levels, build strength, enhance libido, and increase your confidence. With researched backed and clinically dosed ingredients, Centrapeak offers a unique and effective formula. Vitamin D3 and zinc work to increase levels of testosterone and improve mental wellbeing. Vitamin K2 works to support natural testosterone production while Indole-3-carbinol reduces estrogen production. With 14 total ingredients, Centrapeak works to help you achieve your peak as the best testosterone booster for a blended formula.

Pros: This is a top-quality innovative formula with great benefits and is vegan-friendly. With no proprietary blends, the label is honest and is manufactured in a cGMP approved facility. There is also free worldwide shipping on all orders.

Cons: The price is high due to premium ingredients and advanced manufacturing and they only sell directly from the website. The dosage of magnesium could be higher.

Price: $69.00/ bottle (90 capsules)

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Best For Added Benefits: Testo Lab Pro

T booster

Testo Lab Pro boasts an “ultramodern” upgrade to the testosterone-boosting blend typical of most testosterone supplements making this a strongest testosterone booster option. Testo Lab Pro is allergen-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and free of all synthetic additives, making this a great choice for those who have allergies or other sensitivities to chemicals. Testo Lab Pro is loaded with Ashwagandha extract and DAA for a testosterone boost, plus Vitamins D, K1, K2, and magnesium for added strength performance (1) and optimized mass gain. There’s also a healthy dose of zinc, which has been shown to help replenish testosterone that has been depleted through heavy exercise making this a top choice for the best testosterone booster to help your body and get rid of low levels of testosterone.

Special discount: Use code GenerationIron10 at checkout to get 10% off your first order at the Performance Lab official store.

Pros: This booster is a complete formula with top ingredients to support energy, vitality, lean muscle, and your health. The capsules are safe to take long-term and are designed for easy absorption as well as a money-back guarantee.

Cons: You are limited to buying only on their website and while this is a great formula, some of the ingredients you would want more of are a touch under-dosed in order to see results.

Price: $49.00/bottle (60 capsules)

Best For Power: Enhanced Black Ox

testosterone booster

Enhanced Black Ox is an incredibly powerful testosterone booster designed from a 2-in-1 formula made from 11 scientifically proven ingredients for one of the better boosters on the market. As a great booster for the production of testosterone and regulation of estrogen to remove metabolites, Black Ox is not just for hardcore users, but natural athletes as well. With a transparent label and 8 capsules per serving size, this is a great supplement to enhance power and optimize hormone levels to boost athletic performance as a result of taking testosterone.

Pros: This is a powerful booster with a great 2-in-1 formula with top ingredients. Its ability to enhance your power will support your overall athletic performance and can be used by everyone for weight loss and increased libido.

Cons: The serving size of 8 capsules is a lot to have to take to receive similar results of other top testosterone boosters you may buy.

Price: $69.99/bottle (240 capsules)

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Best For Energy: EVL TEST Testosterone Booster

EVL TEST contains plenty of Vitamins D3, B6, and the essential minerals magnesium, and zinc. But for the testosterone-supporting ingredients you have the potent D-aspartic acid, Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek seed extract, and diindolylmethane (DIM). D3 is essential for bone, immune system, and even mental health according to some studies (2). B6, magnesium, and zinc make up a complex for heart, nerve, and immune health with are very effective as a sleep aid. Now, in one study, fenugreek in a 500mg dose showed to have a significant increase in muscle mass, strength, and fat loss. This was in combination with an eight-week training program and this is an interesting find for those looking for a natural performance boost and increasing testosterone results.

Pros: EVL Test offers a transparent label and a great combination of minerals and vitamins at an affordable price to buy. For those looking for a solid booster with the added benefits provided, this is a good option.

Cons: Some side effects have been reported and some of the ingredients actually don’t have many testosterone boosting benefits. The tablet size and lack of a refund may deter some consumers.

Price: $34.99/bottle (120 capsules)


Best For Vitality: RSP Prime-T Testosterone Booster

With a sufficient daily dose of D3, Vitamin B12, and zinc, Prime T contains the typical test booster ingredients D-aspartic acid, fenugreek, DIM, boron, and Bioperine. It supports vitality, energy, and gives a little boost for performance benefits and zinc works to modulate and increase testosterone levels as well as the production of testosterone (3). Prime T isn’t anything too out of the ordinary, but it’s got some good ingredients for overall health and well-being and the ability to produce more testosterone.

Pros: It has great ingredients like boron and zinc to support healthy testosterone levels, as well as others to increase libido. It is fairly reasonably priced compared to others on the market.

Cons: It contains a high dose of DIM, which can activate estrogen in the body and one serving will not last the whole day. Some ingredients don’t have much use for testosterone boosting.

Price: $29.59/bottle (120 capsules)

Best For Muscle Building: Animal Test

Although expensive, this is one the highest quality testosterone-boosting blends commercially available. Animal Test not only works to boost testosterone, it also blocks estrogen receptors in the blood using 3-4 Divanillyl tetrahydrofuran, a chemical naturally derived from the stinging nettle. By blocking estrogen receptors in the blood, Animal Test not only increases your testosterone, but also decreases the negative points associated with estrogen. Animal Test is also the only testosterone booster on this list to utilize Arachidonic Acid (AA), a powerful fatty acid that is integral to the body’s physiological process of muscle-building (4) and testosterone production.  AA has many benefits for athletes, including enhancing the body’s ability to process testosterone making this one of the best for men.

Pros: Animal Test is packed with tons of great natural ingredients and offers a diverse formula compared to others you would buy. Its potency makes this booster great for muscle-building and muscle gain, shedding body fat, and raising energy levels.

Cons: It uses blends for ingredients so it is difficult to see exactly how each individual ingredient is dosed out. While you may know what’s in it, it is important to know how much.

Price: $66.95/bottle (21 packs)

Best For Muscle Performance: MuscleTech Test HD

Test HD has a variety of compounds to support testosterone growth, including ashwagandha, maca, longjack, and safed musli. Test HD also has a healthy 225mg of caffeine per serving in order to help you maximize burn when working out (5). Test HD has been shown to support free testosterone in the blood, which is the most important kind of testosterone that can be metabolized for muscle growth. It optimizes natural testosterone levels to increase muscle performance by boosting thermogenesis.

Pros: This product has a lot of interesting natural ingredients to support testosterone growth and support libido. At a fair price to buy, it is a great supplement to boost thermogenesis and promote muscle performance.

Cons: It is missing some vital ingredients that others on the market do have. Some of the ingredients are also slightly under-dosed which is disappointing.

Price: $27.99/bottle (90 capsules)

How Does A Testosterone Booster Work?

Testosterone (T) is a very important sex hormone which is responsible for muscle growth, hair growth, muscle development, and other important functions and as mentioned earlier, women also have testosterone. However, low testosterone does tend to affect men at a much higher rate. Knowing the signs and symptoms of lower testosterone will be beneficial when trying to pin point if you need a T booster and which one will work best for you.

As we age, testosterone levels in men begin to decline slightly every year. This affects sex drive and isn’t a pleasant experience. However, it’s a natural process that we just have to deal with. But, a test booster will not correct this issue. They may help increase testosterone slightly but they’re more of a natural enhancement aid and can have positive benefits on body composition also. There are natural sterols contained in many plants and these may have an effect on increased testosterone levels. However, there are not a lot of conclusive studies on their effectiveness.

But products with certain, proven ingredients can boost testosterone levels ever so slightly, and we’ve broken them for you in each product’s description above. Knowing the right ingredients to take and what dosages can be a hassle, but these reputable and trusted companies do a nice job of making effective and worthwhile testosterone boosters so you don’t have to worry about any added stress.

Who Should Not Use Testosterone Boosters?

Teenagers should not take a testosterone booster because they have plenty running through their bodies with already high levels of testosterone. These products will not benefit them or make any difference. Men 30 and older may experience a slight rise in levels but most test boosters are safe depending on the ingredients used and we chose ones which are okay to use for people, but checking with your doctor is always recommended as any information provided here should not replace medical guidance from a health professional. Always look at the ingredients and look up anything unknown as many ingredients are hard enough to pronounce, let alone know what is involved.

Ending Thoughts

These test boosters are about as good as it gets for their intended purpose and they come from reputable companies who practice safe production with quality control. Now, these products won’t make you huge or super strong but if you’re someone who needs every little advantage possible, a good quality test booster is worth a try and can provide smaller benefits in terms of muscle growth, performance, and energy levels. But chances are someone 30 or over will benefit most seeing as testosterone begins to decline after this age and people who have really low test won’t benefit much from them either, which is where looking into natural ways may be more beneficial overall. Supplements like these best testosterone boosters are a bonus to a healthy lifestyle and fitness routine so treat them as such.

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