Top Tribulus Supplements For Testosterone, Vitality, & Strength

The Top Choices Hand Picked Just For You

Tribulus may not be something you have heard of before, and that is more than okay.  Lucky for you, we are diving into what exactly it is, what it does, and which supplements that include it will benefit you the most. 

What Exactly is This Supplement?

Starting off with the exact definition, Tribulus (terrestris) is a plant that produces fruit covered in spines. In traditional medicine, the herb is used for a variety of different things. Medical conditions the herb is used to treat include chest pain, heart problems, dizziness, skin and eye disorders, to expel kidney stones, and as a diuretic. However, it does not end there.

The plant is also said to increase some hormones, and by that we mean it is said to act as testosterone in the body. It can possibly increase sexual function, and is believed to help in muscle building!

So, let’s take a look at the best Tribulus supplements. 

Best Tribulus Supplements for 2023

Best Tribulus Supplement Overall

The best tribulus supplement overall will be something that gives you all the benefits, has a good ingredient label, and does not break the bank.

National BB Co. Ultra Tribulus

Are you looking to build muscles and strength? National Bodybuilding Co. has the perfect supplement for you – Ultra Tribulus for Bodybuilders. Tribulus is a powerful herb used for centuries to support bodybuilding. It helps to increase testosterone levels, which leads to improved vitality, strength, and muscle mass.

Beginning with the best supplement of this type overall, this has to go to National Bodybuilding Co.’s Ultra Tribulus. With 1300mg of the herb itself, you are getting a great amount for your bodybuilding needs. Bodybuilding Co. fails to disappoint when it comes to this supplement! 

They deliver 45 servings per container, all for the low price of $32.00. 

Best T Booster + Tribulus Stack

Having a testosterone booster to combine with a good tribulus supplement can be extremely beneficial for your vitality as a male. It can really help you hit your goals and keep you young!

Transparent Labs Vitality

Transparent Labs Vitality primes the body for optimal well-being and athletic performance by encouraging balanced ratios of testosterone to cortisol and testosterone to estradiol.

Next on the list is Transparent Labs Vitality T-Booster. We love all things Transparent Labs, their cereal, pre-workout, you name it! They never disappoint on their supplements, and this is one of them. While it doesn’t have Tribulus in it, we had to include it in this list because of how good it is for testosterone boosting, and why you should pair it with Natural Bodybuilding Co.’s Ultra Tribulus.

Transparent Labs describes Vitality as setting the foundation for lean muscle gains, fat burning, strength, libido, confidence, and overall vitality with clinical doses of proven ingredients. Ingredients include LJ100® Eurycoma longifolia extract, KSM-66® organic ashwagandha extract, PrimaVie® shilajit extract, L-OptiZinc®, and BioPerine®.  

Not to mention, these premium ingredients work synergistically to protect Leydig cells that comprise the testicles, reduce aromatase activity, and augment luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) which govern testosterone production and fertility. In turn, TL Vitality primes the body for optimal well-being and athletic performance by encouraging balanced ratios of testosterone to cortisol and testosterone to estradiol.

And, all for the price of $54.99, one bottle of Vitality comes with 30 servings.

Why You Should Stack Vitality and Ultra Tribulus

With the natural hormone boosting ingredients, these two supplements combined will more than likely have you hitting your bodybuilding goals sooner than you’d think. Just think, the testosterone boosting abilities alone will almost be sure to have you packing on size like nobody’s business! The ingredients in these two top tier supplements can have you feeling like a whole new person!

Best Tribulus Supplement That Includes an Estrogen Blocker

Estrogen levels are no joke. Too high, and they can cause some bad side effects, like too much bloating or water weight. So what is a good solution to block estrogen and increase testosterone?

Increase stamina, energy and performance; powerful enhancer of your test levels for post-workout benefits; extra strength 1500mg Tribulus dose is 10X more potent than other diluted multi-ingredient blends where actual Tribulus amount is only 150mg or less.

A good solution is a Tribulus supplement with an estrogen blocker, and this category has to go to none other than Arazo Nutrition’s Tribulus. Coming with 180 capsules at 750mg of pure Tribulus extract per capsule, all you have to do is take two of these capsules a day and put in the work at the gym.

Arazo Nutrition states that their product not only boosts testosterone, but also acts as an estrogen blocker. In some men, estrogen may be higher than others, which can cause more water retention, mood swings, and increased body fat. No one wants that and Arazo is well aware of that. 

Not to mention, it comes in a container of 90 servings for $18.95!

Best Extra Strength Tribulus Supplement

Every now and then, the basic dosage won’t be enough. No problem, they sell extra strength supplements to help with this!

Zolotus Tribulus Terrestris

Zolotus Tribulus Terrestris Formula is made with the highest-quality ingredients, 100% Natural, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, NO fillers, preservatives, binders, or harmful chemicals.

Next on the list, for when you need a little extra boost, try out Zolotus Tribulus Terrestris. It is packed with 8650mg per serving, and each serving is full of ingredients to boost your testosterone. Ingredients include 7000mg of Tribulus, 250mg of Panax Ginseng, and 600mg of ashwagandha root to name a few. Other ingredients include 250 mg of saw palmetto, 250mg of mace root, and 250 mg of shilajit with 50 mg of black pepper.

The best part is, it is all 3rd party tested. With a 3 month supply for $16.99, how could we not add it to the list?

Best Tribulus Supplement for the Money

A fitness oriented lifestyle is not cheap, and we completely understand that. When you are buying your supplements, you may be looking for something that is still effective, but not nearly as expensive as some options.

Nutricost Tribulus

120 Capsules of Tribulus Terrestris Per Bottle Made With the Finest Tribulus Terrestris Available 750mg Per Serving Non-GMO and Gluten Free Manufactured In a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility 120 Capsules of Tribulus Terrestris Per Bottle Made With the Finest Tribulus Terrestris Available 750mg Per Serving Non-GMO and Gluten Free Manufactured In a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility

We know that not everyone wants to spend heinous amounts of money on supplements. Bodybuilding is not a cheap hobby, food alone is a full paycheck for some, so cutting costs where you can is always a plus. This is why we have added Nutricost Tribulus to the list.

For $9.50, you get 60 servings with 1500 mg of pure Tribulus terrestris extract. 60 servings for right around 10 dollars of a good dose of the herb. You cannot go wrong with Nutricost! 

Best Tribulus Supplement for Men

While Tribulus can be taken by both men and women, you may be looking for something that is specifically designed for the guys out there!

Doublewood Tribulus Extract

Standardized to 95% Saponins Content: No other Tribulus supplement is standardized to a higher percentage of Saponin that Double Wood. Most brands use 45% or less formulas

Many men can suffer from things like low libido, which is where Double Wood Tribulus Extract comes in. The name comes as no surprise here, as they are aiming to increase male libido and testosterone. It is 95% saponins, whereas other supplements of this nature are around 45% saponins. 

Double Wood also markets this product as a stamina and performance support supplement. We cannot forget to mention that it comes in containers of 105 servings for $17.96!

Best Multi-Function Tribulus Supplement

Who says a Tribulus supplement has to be just that? You can get a supplement of this type that is designed to do much more than just the basic products out there.

Unaltered Tribulus

Increase endurance, muscle building, libido, and overall performance with this product!

This herb is known for boosting testosterone, enhancing libido, and things like that. While that is good, some people like to limit the amount of supplements they take and buy multi-functioning supplements. This is where Unaltered 6-in-1 Tribulus comes into play. You are getting all sorts of ingredients for packing on muscle, and getting a pump.

With Panax Ginseng to increase endurance, ashwagandha for strength and power, and KRG for blood flow, you can’t go wrong with this. Designed by bodybuilders, for bodybuilders, you are getting a multitude of tools in one supplement, it is the Swiss Army knife of Tribulus supplements. 

All of this for the price of $40.46 for 30 servings.

Best Mainstream Tribulus Supplement

Okay, not everyone is going to just trust a bunch of supplements from companies they may or may not have heard of. But, don’t worry, we have one for you.

Developed by the #1 men's brand in GNC, Nugenix Essentials Tribulus is made with 1000mg of plant-derived Tribulus to support male health.

This is Nugenix Essentials Tribulus. Nugenix is a very well known brand for hormone aiding supplements, advertised by famous athletes like Shaquile O’Neil. 

Nugenix packs their supplements with 1,000mg of the herb itself, with 95% saponins. They also are not pricey, with 30 servings for just $14.24. If you use brands that are well known, Nugenix is for you.

Best Tribulus Powder

Sometimes, not everyone is a fan of pills, and we know that. There are plenty of supplements you can get in powder form.

Pure Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Pure Original Ingredients Tribulus Terrestris Powder is made from a single ingredient, providing a pure undiluted supplement

With that in mind, we have included Pure Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder on our list. It comes in a 1lb bag, which contains 907 servings total! Given, the serving size of this powder is only 500mg of the herb, but you can double or triple the serving size and it’ll still last almost a year if not more.

For the low price of $14.24 for the whole bag, you can’t go wrong with this. Add it to a shake, put it in capsules yourself, whatever you want to do, but it definitely gives you some options.

Best Tribulus Liquid

Androtrex is a Raw Herbal Extract blend of organic herbs and all-natural ingredients that support healthy hormone balance for superior vitality in men. The advanced formula is enhanced with shilajit, a nutrient-rich resin that amplifies the bioavailability of the ingredients.

Last on the list but certainly not least is again for the people who may not love pills. Rather than a powder, it is liquid. Our top choice for this category is Global Healing Androtex. They pack a handful of ingredients into 2 Fl Oz. Ingredients include Tribulus, Panax Ginseng, Ashwandha, horny goat weed, cordyceps, maca root, and mucuna seed. 

Global healing advertises their product as a natural hormone support and andropause defense to promote better vitality with high potency ingredients. $39.95 for 60 servings, and all you have to do is drop the liquid into your mouth. Easy peasy. 


Next up, you may have some questions regarding this special herb, so we are going to address them!

Are These Supplements Only For Men?

No, these supplements are not only for men. While many sources point to the plant boosting testosterone, this is not only a men’s supplement. Some supplement companies advertise their products of this nature mainly for men this is true. However, many are for both men and women. Many studies point to women obtaining muscle building benefits and libido support through these supplements as well.

Does it Aromatize? 

When it comes to supplements that build muscle through increasing testosterone, many things like anabolic steroids can convert that extra testosterone to estrogen, or even raise estrogen levels naturally to compensate for the extra test. This is called aromatization, and it is one of the most unwanted issues to have as a man.

This is where side effects like bloat, gynecomastia, unwanted body fat, and even performance issues (in the gym or bedroom) can come into play.

However, Tribulus supplements do not appear to convert anything to estrogen. So do not worry about those side effects!


Overall, Tribulus is something that has been in medicine for many years. It appears to do things like support testosterone and increase libido. This is good for people looking to put on some extra muscle mass. Not everyone likes pills, some people are looking to save money, and not everyone wants the same thing, which is why this list compiles our top choices for everyone! 

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