5 Lifting Accessories You Should Have In Your Gym Bag

These are the 5 weight lifting accessories you should have for your workouts.

If you are a serious lifter or aspire to be one, you should not enter the weight room without a gym bag on your shoulder. Lifting gear can help you take your workouts to the next level and help you make the most of your workouts.

While it might be more convenient to hit the gym without carrying a bag, you’re leaving a lot on the table by doing so. If you want to take your workout to the next level there’s no better way than to vary up your exercises – these recommended lifting accessories can help. Having just these five pieces of lifting gear in your gym bag can make a big difference in your workouts.

1. Weightlifting Belt


Weightlifting belt is a must for any serious lifter. A weightlifting belt can help you in two ways. It helps you maintain the right form during your exercises. A weightlifting belt can take off the pressure from your lower back while squatting.

A weightlifting belt also keeps your core tight during an exercise which helps you in generating thoracic pressure. You generate thoracic pressure by pushing your belly against the belt. This can help you in lifting heavier weights.

And if you’re worried about what the right kind of weight lifting belt – you can check out our trusty guide of the top weightlifting belts of 2019.

2. Lifting Straps

Did you know you could lift 5-10 lbs more on every pulling exercise if you use lifting straps? It’s because your grip strength gives up before your back muscles do. Your grip strength is more likely to exhaust before your back does while performing single arm dumbbell rows.

Lifting straps help you eliminate recruiting secondary muscles while performing an exercise. You can establish a better mind-muscle connection with your primary muscles and completely annihilate them when you use lifting straps.

3. Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps are a must for people who lift heavy. You will hardly see any pro powerlifter or bodybuilder perform pushing movements like the bench press without wrists wraps. Wrist wraps provide stability and support to your wrists and help you in lifting heavier weights.

The wrist wraps are one of the most misused accessories. Some people tie their wrist wraps too low or too high both of which can reduce their effectiveness. Make sure you tie your wrap so that it covers the wrist joint enough to create support and prevent excessive wrist extension.

4. Weightlifting Shoes

Using the wrong kind of shoes for lifting and running is another common mistake people make in the gym. Lifting weights have a different kind of impact on your feet as compared to running or doing other types of cardio exercises.

Running shoes are angled to reduce the pressure on your toes during running. On the other hand, lifting shoes have a flat sole to help you stabilize your core during compound movements like the squat and deadlifts.

And if you are looking to find the top rated lifting shoes by bodybuilders – make sure to check out our review guide of the top weightlifting shoes of 2019.

5. Knee Support

Knee supports provide stability to your knees while squatting. Using knee supports can help you lift heavier weights without risking an injury by providing gentle support both at the bottom and throughout the squat.

There are two types of knee supports options on the market. You could opt for knee sleeves or knee wraps. The knee wraps are great at helping you lift heavier weights while the knee sleeves protect the knees from future injury or risk of damage.

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Vidur Saini
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