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Put a little more tech into you workout.

In this get up and go culture we’re always looking for ways to make things simpler and more accessible. When it comes to working out we’re always searching for some advancement in technology to give us that extra boost during our training sessions. So what better way to fulfill those two wants than with smart phones. These days if you have a smart phone – you have a million apps. But what about for bodybuilders? What kinds of apps can a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast download and take with them to help make their weightlifting lives easier and more convenient? We list off the best bodybuilding apps that you should download right now.

You Are Your Own Gym

For the physique possessed who are always on the move, this app provides a bunch of body weight only exercises that you can perform anywhere. The emphasis on this one is getting a workout in at any time and any place. The app also includes over 200 easy to follow video demonstrations that make mimicking exercises a breeze. And at only $2.99 it’s a no brainer – unless you’re the kind of person who only buys free apps. Then you can just, you know, pretend you have one.

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Fitness Buddy

Much like You Are Your Own Gym, Fitness Buddy provides access to different exercises. What’s the difference? This app contains workouts that target specific muscle groups. So if you’re ever lost on what to do during leg day or if you wish to add some variety to your bicep routine you can boot this app up and get instant access to new ideas. And even if you already understand everything you need to know for your workout – you can still use this apps long list of exercises as a quick way to mix up your workout. One the go. All in one place. At $1.99, it’s a cheap and convenient addition to your workout lifestyle.

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Buddy, pal – starting to see a trend here? This app is great for those who wish to accomplish specific goals in their bodybuilding and exercise careers. The app can scan nutrition labels, record weight, make custom diet plans, and track you goals and progression on the road to obtaining your dream physique. The database also offers a ton of different food options for you to tweak your plan as you see fit. This app is essential to anyone who wishes to follow a specific nutrition plan and remain on a specific diet path. Best part of all? It’s free.

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Developed by, BodySpace is an app that has an emphasis on community as well as an accessible interface. You can develop you exercise programs like the other apps and also communicate with other users making sharing workout plans and ideas a simple task. Basically this is the ultimate social network geared towards bodybuilders. The app also allows you to take photos and shop for products online. Definitely a user friendly application.

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Sometimes you don’t need fitness advice. Sometimes you just need a way to stay organized. JEFIT allows you to set up and track your workouts in a log. You can keep track of the number of reps and the amount of weight you lift. This way users can monitor their progress and whether or not to increase their weight load based on their prior recorded performances. Challenge yourself to poush past your limits and reach new goals with this nifty app. JEFIT also provides an exercise database, stat tracking such as weight, muscle measurements, and BMI.

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Weight Lifting Videos

This app is a great tool for any workout obsessed individual. The app provides a great deal of videos on different weight lifting exercises and targets specific body parts you’ll need to build up. New videos are added weekly so you’ll always have a new workout to look forward to exploring. Log you weight lifting results and once you’re ready for a new challenge check out a new video to target a specific muscle group.

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