5 Recovery Tips To Help You Build Muscle Faster

Improve Your Recovery With These Tips

Contrary to what many people think, muscles are built outside the gym. You break muscle tissue while you’re training in the gym and your muscles grow back bigger and stronger while you’re recovering.

Your muscle recovery is at its prime while you’re in deep sleep. Your body recuperates from the workouts while you’re not engaged in strenuous physical activity. A good recovery program is indispensable in a fitness program. No matter how hard you train, you won’t see the results until your body recovers from your workouts utilizing these top tips.

Use Supplements

Some people take pride in not using any supplements. Staying away from supplements can be a mistake as they can aid and fasten up your recovery. Supplements like BCAAs and whey protein are known to help with preventing muscle breakdown and rebuilding bigger and stronger muscle tissue respectively.

In today’s time, there is a supplement for almost every kind of recovery issue you can face. Joint or back pain, inflammation, or whatever your problem, name it, and there is probably a supplement for it out there.

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Bath Your Way To Recovery

When most people hear about recovery, they think the only thing they need to do is to sit on their couch, do nothing, and let the body do its magic. The “chill to recover” approach for recovery isn’t enough, especially if you train at high intensity.

Although your recovery plan shouldn’t be as hard as your workouts, you should be willing to put in some extra efforts. Taking Epsom salt, cold water or ice baths can speed up the recovery process. You should also consider taking steam and saunas to detox your body.


Making small adjustments in your daily routine can make a big impact on your recovery. Bio-hacking is the process of making changes to your lifestyle to “hack” your body’s biology to feel your best.

Some of the bio-hacks for better recovery include turning off the blue lights in your room, stop using your phone two hours before bedtime, and turning up the air conditioner to sleep better at night.

Take Some Time Off

When some people don’t see the results, they try to push harder and end up doing more harm than good. If you’ve hit a plateau, you should consider taking some time off training. During this time, feel free to indulge in your favorite food or things you couldn’t do while you were on your training program.

If you’re following an intense training program, you should consider taking a week off every six months to give your body time to recover. Once you start training after the time off, the results will speak for themselves.

Sleep Better

Sleep is where all the magic happens. Just like babies, you grow in your deep sleep. If you want to transform your physique, you should be getting anywhere between 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

If you can’t get the desired amount of sleep in a single night, you should consider napping in the afternoon to make up for the time. You can also take supplements which help in improving sleep.

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