Gym Crush: Paige Hathaway

Gym Crush: Paige Hathaway

Gym Crush: Paige Hathaway

Every gym has a few girls which work harder than the guys. Most of the guys try avoiding these girls so they can save themselves from embarrassment. Paige Hathaway is one such girl and she is our gym crush of the week.

Paige is on a personal mission to break the stereotype that muscular girls look manly. It didn’t take a lot of convincing for us to believe her. Paige Hathaway has a jaw-dropping physique which you can’t stop looking at.

You can also check out Paige Hathaway stop by the Generation Iron Fitness Network for our digital series The Breakdown where she talks about sexual harassment in the bodybuilding industry.

Muscles Make Women Sexy

We totally agree with Paige. Miss Hathaway can rock any outfit effortlessly. We are digging this ‘sun’s out guns out’ picture. If staring at her pictures can be considered a job, we don’t have the day off.

Paige The Beach Bum

Easing our minds is one thing we cannot do. We didn’t know mermaids existed before we saw this picture. B&W or colored, Paige is flawless no matter what. Hathaway has some of the most exotic photos on Instagram.

Squats are the Key

Do your squats, eat your protein and don't let boys be mean to you ? Photo by @santiagopgm Bikini @foxswimwear

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Squats are the secret to booty gains. Let this photo be the reminder to this fact. Paige has one of the best rears in the fitness world and she shares all her training and diet secrets on Instagram.

Behind The Scenes

Building a physique like Paige’s is pure hard work. It takes years of training, dieting and persistence. This is a sneak peek into one of Paige’s leg and glutes workout. Follow this routine for your next leg workout.

The Entrepreneur

Paige Hathaway isn’t your average meathead. She is focused on building a personal brand. This meeting with the social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk is the proof. You can expect to see the entrepreneurial side of Paige soon.

When She Rocked Hollywood

Paige Hathaway graced the Grammy’s this year. While Paige thanks her team, let us take this moment to thank Instagram for giving us this beauty. We wish to see more of her in Hollywood in the coming years.

Elegance At Its Best

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Suffering can bring out the very best in you if you can teach yourself how to surrender and learn from every situation. Everyone goes through hardship, pain or is faced with something that makes us question ourselves or others. The hard part that I find we all struggle the most with when it comes to the unfair shit we must all face at some point in our lives is learning to let go and study the trials and tribulations that we face. I understand that we feel the need to resist but this is truly the only way to overcome and gain strength. Feeling hurt, betrayed, sad or heartbroken is never fun… actually it freaking sucks more than anything and I wished that people never had to feel pain.. but then again that pain is what makes you who you are. Suffering is what turns good men, great. It's what makes us strong, fearless, more appreciative and humble. Please remember that pain is only temporary and this storm too shall pass. Pain when let go off and learned from is what makes some of our best characters come to life. Photo @brettericksonphoto MUA @jessicakeehus

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Hathaway is a beauty with brains. Most of her posts accompany a moving message. Her posts can make you enter a reflective mode. One can turn reading Paige’s captions into a hobby.

Shredded To The Bone

When was the last time you saw a girl with such a ripped physique? A lot is said about this picture of Paige. While most people think a girl shouldn’t be muscular, we believe they say so because of their own insecurities.

The Stunner

This is exactly how we wait every day for Paige’s new photo to drop. There are thousands of people waiting to double tap her pictures the moment they see them. We bet the pizza delivery boy loves to deliver pizzas to her house.

Picture Perfect

Even we need some shade from all the heat. Paige Hathaway has one of the most loyal following in the fitness industry which is growing every single day. We hope Paige achieves bigger milestones in her career.

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