The biography, life, and accomplishments of Sonia Isaza

Sonia Isaza
Photo via @niaisazaoficial Instagram

Sonia Isaza is a Colombian bodybuilder and fitness model with an amazing physique. Starting out as a model, she transformed her physique to competition ready and shares her journey with her massive following on social media.

Below is a complete breakdown of her profile, stats, biography, training, and diet regimens.

Full Name: Sonia Isaza

Weight Height Date Of Birth
115-125 lbs. 5’3” 09/24/1988
Profession Era Nationality
Bodybuilder, Fitness Model 2010 Colombian


Sonia Isaza
Photo via @niaisazaoficial Instagram


Born in Colombia, Sonia was always active and stayed as healthy as she could. Throughout her teen and high school years she was content with life, but her early-20’s saw a change in that mindset. She wanted more. She wanted to push herself to see just how far she would go. She began going to the gym and slowly over time transformed her physique.

In the mid-2000’s, she moved to the United States and settled in California. Her lifestyle was that of a competitive bodybuilder and she sought to always try and perfect her fitness and lifestyle routines. Fairly soon after, she started on social media and without even trying, began to build a larger following. She now uses her platform to motivate others so they too can have a physique like Sonia herself.


Sonia’s training revolves around using a variety of exercises. For those lower body muscles, she puts an emphasis on her quads and glutes while upper body is abs with a focus on building those surrounding muscles. A favorite machine of Sonia’s is the smith machine, for she can perform many exercises while also focusing on toning.

Abs are a key part of her routine and she believes in a traditional approach to a strong core. For reps, she will do around 10-15 per exercise and really push the variety, either focusing on crunches or other bodyweight exercises, but also working with cables and machines as well.

Sonia Isaza
Photo via @niaisazaoficial Instagram


Sonia puts an emphasis on whole foods and works incredibly hard with her diet. Balancing out her macronutrients is key in staying on track and she will indulge in a cheat meal here or there. For the most part, her diet is clean, whole, and one to keep her moving at maximum capacity.


Along with a solid training routine and nutrition plan, Sonia focuses on supplements to give her that extra boost. While she uses her own supplements of choice, some key products to note are protein powderspre-workouts, and BCAAs. These will ensure a well-rounded routine for pre-, mid-, and post-workout gains. To optimize health and wellness, a multivitamin and omega-3 supplements are key for ensuring you stay in the gym and grinding away.

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