2017 Arnold Classic Australia Primer: Will Brandon Curry Hold Off Dallas McCarver For The Second Time?

A new battle begins.

The Arnold Classic Australia is set for this weekend which much of the same competitors we saw at the Sports Festival in Ohio. Many believed because of that fact that Dallas McCarver would be a shoe in to win the Australia Arnold Classic. But the reality is that conclusion is far from certain. At last week’s New Zealand pro show, Brandon Curry was able to pull the upset and defeat the favorite Dallas McCarver and a host of other top level bodybuilders. That means all eyes will be on these two as we head into this weekend’s event.

While many were shocked by Brandon Curry overcoming Dallas McCarver, the reality is that calling the winner for this next show is impossible. Both Brandon Curry and Dallas McCarver have their own separate attributes that they bring to the table. Curry has supreme musculature all in a tight package with awesome definition and striations. McCarver on the other hand is just constantly growing into his body getting bigger all the time.

That being said, neither man can improve on what they’ve already built. Now, it’s all about who presents their physique the best this coming weekend. But McCarver and Curry aren’t the only competitors to look out for at the Arnold Classic Australia. Maxx Charles, Juan Morel, Lionel Beyeke, and, surprisingly, Guy Cisternino are all expected to compete in the event this weekend with many other talented bodybuilders as well. Take a look at the full competitor list below.

Earl Abrahams

Atif Anwar

Lionel Beyeke

Maxx Charles

Brandon Curry

Dallas McCarver

Darryn Onekawa

Jeff Beckham

Juan Morel

Michael Lockett

Guy Cisternino

Who do you think wins at the Arnold Classic Australia this weekend?

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