Guy Cisternino Posts Heartfelt Message About Dallas McCarver Accident At The Arnold Australia

Guy Cisternino gives the world a reality check.

The internet is truly a double edged sword. It can be used to connect with people more often and spread new creative projects and ideas. It has helped bodybuilding grow tremendously over the last decade. But it can also be used to show the worst side of human behavior. Mockery, “trolling,” and nasty things can be easily thrown out into the comments section of any website or social media network on a daily basis.

This weekend saw a truly horrific moment when Dallas McCarver collapsed on stage during the Arnold Classic Australia prejudging. It prevented him from competing… and ultimately led to a mix of support and criticism from fans on the internet. Well, Guy Cisternino wanted to clear the air in regards to the negative comments – and remind everyone that while Dallas is a truly massive competitor and bodybuilding star… he is also a human being. And one that suffered a very serious health issue that weekend.

You can check out his heartfelt and honest statement below:

Ok so with all the BS I have been reading about @dallasmccarver I want to clear the air. This picture right here isn't something to mock, laugh at, make fun of. There are more important things in life than just bodybuilding. Someone's life and health is way more valuable than any competition or first place trophy. Why am I making this post because I was in Dallas's shoes 2 weeks ago in Columbus except I collapsed as soon as I walked off stage where Dallas wasn't as lucky. As professional athletes we have a level of integrity we try to keep. No matter how bad we feel, sick we get, adversity we face, we put so much into dieting the last thing we want to do is give up. Fuck, we could probably get hit by a Mack truck and keep going. We have friends, family, fans, that come to see us compete, buy tickets to shows, airfares, hotels all just to support us to the last thing we want to do is let them down. I saw Dallas start to collapse onstage I ran over to him and grabbed him, helped him backstage, I laid him down on the ground, his body started to convulse I thought he was seizing so I grabbed a small towel to stick in his mouth (anyone who knows about seizures knows why) as I grabbed his head he grabbed my hand. I said "Dallas it's Guy buddy, you gotta breath bud and relax!" He took 2 big deep breaths and his body relaxed, I lifted his head and made him drink some Gatorade. Then the medics came and gave him oxygen. After his body and mind came to, he threw up for almost an hour then was hooked up to IVs almost 2 liters worth. So why am I posting this? I'm not posting this to show what I did, but to show this mans will and integrity! He finally made it back to the men's dressing room still hooked up to IVs, sitting in the chair with the sheer look of disappointment on his face. After 20 minutes sitting there with his eyes shut, he turned and looked at me and goes "Am I still allowed to compete, i wanna finish this show!" I told him buddy you have nothing left to prove, you pushed yourself to the max and still kept pushing until you literally had nothing left. When he said he wanted to finish my respect for this kid went up 1000% because that's a fucking warrior!

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