Brian Shaw Shares Event List For 2024 Strongest Man On Earth

Brian Shaw shares full day of eating for his final strongman competition.
Brian Shaw shares full day of eating for his final strongman competition

The event will take place during the 2024 Shaw Classic Expo.

Legendary strength athlete Brian Shaw will once again host the 2024 Shaw Classic Expo. During this weekend, the Strongest Man on Earth competition will take place. Over the weekend, the four-time World Strongest Man (WSM) champion, Brian Shaw took to YouTube to share the full event list for the competition.

The 2024 Strongest Man on Earth will take place from Aug. 17-18 in Loveland, CO. There will be a total of eight events that competitors will take part in over two days.

In 2023, Shaw acquired the trademark of “Strongest Man on Earth.” from Paul Ohl, who was the organizer of Fortissimus. This was a Strongman competition held in 2008 and 2009 before it was suspended due to a lack of sponsors. Ohl held onto the trademark for all of these years. Now, Shaw has the trademark and crowned his first winner in 2023.

“We have got a few questions about whether it is officially the Strongest Man on Earth or the Shaw Classic. The Shaw Classic is the entire weekend. The Strongest Man on Earth is the pro men’s contest that happens at the Shaw Classic.”

The Shaw Classic began in 2020 with Shaw himself winning the inaugural contest. Trey Mitchell would log back-to-back titles before Shaw reclaimed his title in 2023 and earned the title of “Strongest Man on Earth.”


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2024 Strongest Man on Earth Event List

Brian Shaw is already preparing for the competition in August and took another step by revealing the official competition list.

  • Max Deadlift
  • Overhead Medley
  • Power Medley
  • Manhood Stones
  • Circus Dumbbell Overhead Medley
  • Keg Toss
  • Squat
  • Fingal’s Fingers x Power Stairs

The official list begins with max deadlifts followed by medleys that test strength in different ways. Shaw shared that deadlifts will be done without suits.

“There will be no deadlift suits allowed…I want to see what the competitors are capable of with a max deadlift. The guys will be able to call their weights.”


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There will also be an event similar to Atlas Stones called Manhood Stones. There will be multiple stones in front of a competitor and they will have the choice on which they want to list. Of course, the athlete who lifts the heaviest one will put himself in. position to win.

“This is a great opportunity to plug this in. If you are stronger at lifting stones, you are going to get rewarded.”

Brian Shaw put together this list so that competitors could test strength in the best ways for many. He will not be competing at this event and wants to crown the new Strongest Man on Earth.

“I really and truly feel that this list of events is an incredible test of strength. I think that, within those events, we are going to see the Strongest Man on Earth win this contest, without a doubt.”

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