Jay Cutler Debates Flat vs. Incline Bench Press: “I Prefer To Use Incline”

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Jay Cutler discusses the classic debate of flat bench against incline.

Jay Cutler has weighed in on many fitness debates over the years and shared his opinion. Recently, he explored yet another famous one. Cutler broke down the differences between flat bench and incline bench and explained why he prefers one over the other.

“Flat bench vs. incline bench. I focus more on the incline bench. Now, everybody wants to develop their upper pecs. It’s the hardest area to develop but I feel any kind of bench pressing whether it’s dumbbells, barbells, machines, even your fly movements, I feel you’re going to develop your chest all-around.”

Cutler has shared many fitness tips since his days on stage ended. This includes workouts, diet plans, and has even been open about his steroid use. He has discussed the advantages and disadvantages of bench press before and added more thoughts.

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Jay Cutler Discusses Flat vs. Incline Bench

Jay Cutler began with the urge that many gym goers have to build their upper pecs. Because of the overall engagement, Cutler believes it helps build the area.

“Does the incline bench actually develop your upper pecs? I believe it definitely can engage more of the front delts and the pecs but more importantly, the incline bench can be a little bit more of a safer movement because you are using a little bit more of the shoulders.”


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Jay Cutler rose to popularity after challenging bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman for the Mr. Olympia title 2001. Coleman had been winning since 1998, and a fierce rivalry began between the two, which ended in Jay Cutler finally winning the top prize in 2006. He went on to win Mr. Olympia three more times but hasn’t officially competed since 2013.

Cutler has recently discussed the risk of bench pressing because of injuries. This is one of the reasons that he prefers to use incline bench.

“I prefer to use more of the incline bench over a flat bench just because of the comfortability of that movement. It definitely puts less strain on the shoulder joint in that position.”

Jay Cutler continues to train at a high level in retirement and this includes during his chest days. He continues to be one of the biggest voices in the fitness world to this day.

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