Name: Ronnie Coleman

Nickname: The King

Division: Men’s Open

Birth date: 5/13/1964

Height: 5’11”

Competition Weight: 256 lbs

2007 Mr. Olympia4th
2006 Mr. Olympia2nd
2006 Grand Prix Romania2nd
2006 Grand Prix Holland2nd
2006 Grand Prix Austria2nd
2005 Mr. Olympia1st
2004 Mr. Olympia1st
2004 Grand Prix Russia 1st
2004 Grand Prix Holland1st
2004 Grand Prix England1st
2003 Mr. Olympia1st
2003 Grand Prix Russia1st
2003 Show of Strength Pro Championships2nd
2002 Mr. Olympia1st
2002 Grand Prix Holland1st
2001 Mr. Olympia1st
2001 Grand Prix New Zealand1st
2001 Arnold Classic1st
2000 World Pro Championships1st
2000 Mr. Olympia1st
2000 Grand Prix England1st
1999 World Pro Championships1st
1999 Mr. Olympia1st
1999 Grand Prix England1st
1998 Toronto Pro1st
1998 San Francisco Pro2nd
1998 Mr. Olympia1st
1998 Night of Champions1st
1998 Grand Prix Germany1st
1998 Grand Prix Finland1st
1997 San Jose Pro Invitational6th
1997 Mr. Olympia9th
1997 Ironman Pro Invitational3rd
1997 Grand Prix Spain7th
1997 Grand Prix Russia1st
1997 Grand Prix Hungary6th
1997 Grand Prix Germany5th
1997 Grand Prix Finland3rd
1997 Grand Prix England5th
1997 Grand Prix Czech Republic4th
1997 Arnold Classic4th
1996 Mr. Olympia6th
1996 Night of Champions2nd
1996 Grand Prix Spain5th
1996 Grand Prix Germany5th
1996 Grand Prix England5th
1996 Florida Pro Invitational2nd
1996 Canada Pro Cup1st
1995 Mr. Olympia11th
1995 Night of Champions3rd
1995 Houston Pro Championships6th
1995 Grand Prix Ukraine3rd
1995 Grand Prix Russia6th
1995 Grand Prix France4th
1995 Canada Pro Cup1st
1995 San Jose Pro Invitational4th
1994 Mr. Olympia15th
1994 Grand Prix Germany3rd
1994 Grand Prix France3rd
1993 Niagara Falls Pro Invitational6th
1993 Grand Prix Germany6th
1993 Grand Prix France4th
1993 Chicago Pro Championships6th
1992 Mr. OlympiaNP
1992 Night of Champions14th
1992 Chicago Pro Championships11th
1991 NPC USA Championships14th
1991 NPC Nationals4th
1991 NPC World Amateur Championships1st
1990 Mr. Texas1st


Arguably one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, Ronnie Coleman is the definition of a living legend. Born and raised in Monroe, Louisiana, he graduated cum laude from Grambling State University in 1984 with a degree in accounting. He then served from 1989 to 2000 as a police officer in Arlington, Texas, and as a reserve police officer until 2003.

At the recommendation of a friend, Coleman joined the Metroflex Gym, run by Brian Dobson. The two became fast friends and Dobson offered him free lifetime membership if he could train Coleman for the Mr. Texas title that year. Coleman was the overall winner of the Mr. Texas title in 1990 and this victory inspired him to go pro. His professional debut was in 1991 at the IFBB World Amateur Championships and his first win as a professional was at the 1995 Canada Pro Cup.

After his first place win at the Canada Pro Cup, Coleman’s meteoric rise to fame could not be stopped. He currently holds the record for most wins of the Mr. Olympia title (8 times, tied with Lee Haney) and the most overall wins for any IFBB professional (26 wins). His success as a bodybuilder has led to many endorsement deals and business ventures as well. He has released several weightlifting training videos and in 2011 started his own wellness and nutrition line, Ronnie Coleman Nutrition.

He married personal trainer Susan Williamson in 2016. As of 2009, he is retired from professional bodybuilding.

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