Jay Cutler Shares Secrets To Building Massive Arms During Recent Workout

Jay Cutler shared a recent arm workout and talked tips on how to build muscle.
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Jay Cutler hit an arm day and shared tips on how to build muscle.

Jay Cutler continues to hit the gym hard and share his knowledge on how to build muscle. During a recent arm day, he was able to do both. Cutler shared a video to YouTube during an arm workout where he spoke on different tips to growing bigger biceps and triceps.

“It’s arm day so it’s not a super strenuous day. It’s obviously my least favorite day because I feel like arm training is one of those things that very repetitive.”

The workout took place at the Kilo Club in Las Vegas. Cutler began by walking on the treadmill and discussing some recent changes going on in his personal life and business side as well.

Jay Cutler rose to popularity after challenging bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman for the Olympia title 2001. Coleman had been winning since 1998, and a fierce rivalry began between the two, which ended in Jay Cutler finally winning the top prize in 2006. He went on to win Mr. Olympia three more times but hasn’t officially competed since 2013.

Cutler has now built a popular social media page where fans can watch his workouts and listen to knowledge from one of the all-time greats.

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Jay Cutler Arm Workout

Rope Pushdowns

The workout began with Jay Cutler hitting triceps. He opted for rope pushdowns first, which he performed closer to the machine and this happens on the floor.

“So some reason, I like to do these on the floor just because I feel like closer to the machine, if that makes sense. I feel like I can lock the triceps a little more.”

Seated Dip Machine

Cutler hits rope pushdowns without a heavy compound at first before moving into those kind of movements. He moved onto the dip machine and explained why he has moved to this over bodyweight dips. Cutler likes to focus on triceps where the chest and shoulders come into play otherwise.

“Why I like this machine is because of this. A lot of these dip machines, they have a lock so it’s not isolateral. I always focus on doing dips now, I always did body weight or added weight, for this, the way it’s positioned, you can really get the tricep back enough to get that lock. It’s more isolation on the tricep.”

Dumbbell French Press

The next exercise was French press. He prefers to do these seated on a short bench but there was not one available at the gym so Cutler stood with his back positioned on a longer bench.

“No elbow pain. That’s the key so I’m still able to do these.”


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Machine Curls

Jay Cutler hit a cable kickback before moving onto biceps. He shared that the stationary elbow bicep curl machine is always the one that he uses first when he trains at Kilo.

“I feel the pump, which is great. When you do the first exercise and you’re already pumped, that’s sweet.”

Seated Dumbbell Curls

Cutler moved onto seated dumbbell curls and alternated arms.

“I’m trying to do 10 at each side. It’s a little harder when you’re alternating. I used to do one arm at a time, 10 straight reps. It’s also a way to switch it up so you don’t get bored.”

Preacher Curls

“Preacher curl. There’s a couple of options here. I used to do these single arm so I pyramided the weight up, start with two plates.

I always thought I had weaker biceps because I wasn’t able to pull as much weight as other people but the size was a lot different, right. That’s all we care about. It’s not about how much weight you can pull. It’s about the position on stage.”

Standing Bar Curls

The final exercise of the day was standing bar curls. Cutler hit an extra exercise as a bonus for the YouTube video.

“One more exercise as a bonus. I’m going to do some standing bar curls. They’re going to be sloppy but they’re effective…These are usually some people’s first exercise but I started with the seat.”

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