Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Steps To Improve Sleep And Build Better Relationship With Strength

Arnold Schwarzenegger share how much protein a person should eat daily.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger breaks down how to improve your sleep-strength relationship.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has released a daily newsletter where he is able to speak to fans sharing different tips. This time, the bodybuilding legend spoke about how to improve sleep and the relationship that it has with strength.

“Resistance training improves overall sleep quality and could effectively treat those struggling with insomnia.”

Schwarzenegger shared research from Science Direct that explained people who lift weights have an easier time falling and staying asleep.

“People who lift weights have an easier time falling asleep, have fewer sleep disturbances, wake up less at night, have deeper restorative rest, and tend to sleep longer. Aerobic exercise is also beneficial, but one study found that resistance training was more effective than cardio and helped people sleep longer and deeper.”

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How Can This Be Done?

Arnold Schwarzenegger has shared many different fitness tips and talks. This time, it is about how to improve your sleep-strength relationship.

The bodybuilding legend shared a detailed checklist to follow to improve your sleeping habits, which will directly impact your ability to train:

  • Go to bed and wake up at a similar time.

  • Cut off food and drink approximately 2-3 hours before you rest.

  • Exercise during the day

  • Limit screen time 1-hour before you sleep

  • Keep your room as dark as possible

  • Make your room cooler, or use a temperature-controlled mattress

After coming over from Austria, Schwarzenegger caught eyes because of his insane physique and turned it into a legendary career on stage. On his way to seven Olympia titles, Arnold did great things for the sport of bodybuilding as a whole.

In retirement, Schwarzenegger has prioritized his health in many ways. After his heart surgery in 1997, doctors advised him to stop lifting heavy weights because it would not be good for the valves. This is when he began cutting back on weight but continues to train in the gym on a consistent basis.

“Getting a good night’s sleep is about winding down. But revving up your heart rate during the day is also important.”

Arnold continues to be one of the biggest names in the fitness world and is working to improve the sport of bodybuilding each day.

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