21 Year Old Transgender Man Ajay Holbrook is Looking to Change the Bodybuilding Game

Ajay Holbrook is transforming bodybuilding.

If you were to take a look at Ajay Holbrook the likely response is that you’d think you’re looking at an average, well built young man. While that is still certainly the case, it belies a transformative story that saw Holbrook change genders in order to become the person he always felt that he was.

Born Ambreia Holbrook, the young bodybuilder first identified as being male at the age of 16 and ever since has undergone hormone therapy to transition into a man. Now called Ajay Holbrook, this young man has some rather lofty goals in the bodybuilding world. Not only does he want to build a strong and incredible physique, Holbrook is looking to become a bodybuilding champion. In fact, he’s looking to hold the title of Mr. Olympia someday, a task that few men have achieved in their lifetime of trying. Despite that fact, Ajay Holbrook is determined to add his name to the list of Olympia champions he has idolized and looked up to growing up.

From the looks of things, Holbrook is already building up a strong physique and is well on his way to winning some bodybuilding shows.


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🕊Starting to see some serious improvements in my physique which is dope because I’ve been busting my ass extra hard lately and taking this picture I literally looked twice like holy shit..that is actually me. 😭 Often times I have positive moments of disassociation with my body where I am just so grateful I cannot believe what Im seeing is actually a picture of me like it just doesn’t feel real. I know I worked for this, but I can’t even express how much I appreciate my body, mind, and all of the struggles that have made me who I am. – • Im mainly doing this for myself but also for the LGBT/Trans community. I want y’all to remember how the bodybuilding community laughed at me when my story got published and of course it hurt, but know I have used that as fuel ever since… I promise you even if they don’t like me..they will respect me. 🥇 • #bodybuilding #bodybuilders #greekgod #shredded #mixedmen #modelswanted #lamodels #shreddedlife #shred #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fitmen #malemodels #transgender #transition #transman #ftm #ftmfitness #fitguys #bodybuildinglifestyle #simeonpanda #arnoldschwarzenegger #arnoldclassic #mrolympia #naturalbodybuilding #nike #goldsgym #workhard #crushgoals #betterbytheday

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H.U.M.B.L.E • L.E.G.E.N.D✨ • Just finished up a VERY good back workout + some shoulder presses. Thankful af that I’m starting to feel like myself..but not again..this is different..this is something greater. • California Move Update: my cars check engine light just came on and needs to be taken to the shop so the trip out there is pushed back a couple of weeks – will keep you guys updated!🤟🏽 • #bodybuilding_motivation #bodybuilding #bodybuilders #arnoldschwarzenegger #arnoldclassic #mrolympia #transgender #transman #transmen #backworkout #shoulderworkout #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #fitnessmodel #lamodels #iamblessed #dedication #simeonpanda #shredded #fitmen #malemodel #goldsgym

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