Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2022 Results

Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2022

A complete breakdown of the Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2022 results

In what was an exciting two-day event, the Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2022 has wrapped with Victoria Long winning the entire event. Taking place at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, ten strongwomen converged on the arena in hopes of being crowned the ultimate champion. With grueling events, plenty of drama, and a fantastic showing by all the athletes, we now have a winner and are already looking ahead to next year.

Looking back to our love of Strongman, and now with Strongwomen events as well, what we find so fascinating is the ability the human body has to lift almost immovable objects. A test of the body and mind, these competitors are keen on proving just how good they are by lifting massive amounts of weight.

The Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2022 was just another event highlighting why the sport is so fun and entertaining to watch and to the credit of all these competitors, they put on quite a show for fans far and wide. The event sponsors of Strongman Corporation and Rogue worked hard to give this event the attention it deserved and continue to promote this wonderful sport.

Olga Liaschuck Donna Moore
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Arnold Strongwoman Classic 2022 Results

Here is the final leaderboard scores of the 10 competitors in this event:

  1. Victoria Long — 54.5 points
  2. Andrea Thompson — 45.5 points
  3. Hannah Linzay — 40 points
  4. Olga Liashchuk — 40 points
  5. Melissa Peacock — 34.5 points
  6. Donna Moore — 30 points
  7. Anna Harjapaa —  28 points
  8. Gabriele Burgholzer — 27.5 points
  9. Cori Butler — 21.5 points
  10. Rebecca Lorch — 7.5 points

Wheelbarrow Carry

The first event, the Wheelbarrow Carry, required athletes to carry three wheelbarrows of rising weight. First one being 277 kilograms, second being 249 kilograms, and the final being 272 kilograms. Each wheelbarrow had to be carried 12 meters. The faster the time the more points the athlete would score.

Victoria Long ended up victorious in this event with the fastest time of 41.44 seconds. Nearly four seconds faster than the follow up competitor, Hannah Linzay, in second place.

  1. Victoria Long — 41.44 seconds
  2. Hannah Linzay — 45.56 seconds
  3. Andrea Thompson —  42.98 meters
  4. Cori Butler — 35.97 meters
  5. Gabriele Burgholzer — 32.97 meters
  6. Donna Moore — 30.48 meters
  7. Melissa Peacock — 22.98 meters
  8. Olga Liashchuk — 18.59 meters (T-eighth)
  9. Anna Harjapaa — 18.59 meters (T-eighth)
  10. Rebecca Lorch — 9.58 meters

Viking Press

The Viking Press required each competitor to lift as many reps within the time limit. The Viking Press was 100 kilograms. The athlete with the most reps earned the top placing. Andrea Thompson completely dominated at this event earning 6 reps higher than the follow up athlete, Victoria Long, in second place.

  1. Andrea Thompson — 20 reps
  2. Victoria Long — 14 reps
  3. Gabriele Burgholzer — 12 reps
  4. Olga Liashchuk — 11 reps
  5. Donna Moore — Nine reps (T-fifth)
  6. Melissa Peacock — Nine reps (T-fifth)
  7. Hannah Linzay — Seven reps (T-seventh)
  8. Anna Harjapaa — Seven reps (T-seventh)
  9. Cori Butler —  Six reps
  10. Rebecca Lorch — One rep

max deadlift

A truly exciting event to watch due to the sheer visual scope of the deadlift. This event decided to use Hummer tires for the max deadlift. Whichever athlete could deadlift the most amount of weight earned the top spot. Andrea Thompson landed another victory here by lifting 800 pounds.

  1. Andrea Thompson — 800 pounds
  2. Victoria Long — 765 pounds
  3. Melissa Peacock — 705 pounds
  4. Olga Liashchuk — 675 pounds
  5. Anna Harjapaa — 646 pounds
  6. Hannah Linzay — 615 pounds(T-sixth)
  7. Gabriele Burgholzer — 615 pounds (T-sixth)
  8. Donna Moore — 584 pounds
  9. Cori Butler — 556 pounds
  10. Rebecca Lorch — 525 pounds

Bag Over Bar

Each athlete was required to toss a bag over a four-meter bar. Whoever could toss the highest weight bag earned the top points. All 10 athletes decided to attempt the heaviest weight bag. With each athlete who successfully tossed the heaviest bag, moved onto another round until there was only one successful athlete left standing.

Victoria Long ended up winning this event followed by Olga Liashchuk in second and Hannah Lindzay in third.

  1. Victoria Long — 57 pounds
  2. Olga Liashchuk — 55 pounds
  3. Hannah Linzay — 53 pounds
  4. Gabriele Burgholzer — 44 pounds (T-fourth)
  5. Donna Moore — 44 pounds (T-fourth)
  6. Cori Butler — 44 pounds (T-fourth)
  7. Melissa Peacock — 42 pounds (T-seventh)
  8. Anna Harjapaa — 42 pounds (T-seventh)
  9. Andrea Thompson — 40 pounds
  10. Rebecca Lorch — no attempts made

Yoke Ladder

Back in action, Victoria Long found another victory in the Yoke Ladder. This event consisted of carrying three yokes for six meters each. The ladders were weighed at 272 kilograms, 318 kilograms, and 364 kilograms. The ladders had to be carried over a length of 18 meters.

  1. Victoria Long — 34.61 seconds
  2. Andrea Thompson — 34.94 seconds
  3. Olga Liashchuk — 35.56 seconds
  4. Melissa Peacock — 44.68 seconds
  5. Anna Harjapaa — 55.06 seconds
  6. Hannah Linzay — 57.94 seconds
  7. Donna Moore — 42.49 feet
  8. Gabriele Burgholzer — 39.99 feet (T-eighth)
  9. Cori Butler — 39.99 feet (T-eighth)
  10. Rebecca Lorch — 39.99 feet (T-eighth)

Stone Over Bar

The final even of the Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2022 was the Stone Over Bar. The max stone had to be lifted over a 1.22 meter bar. Hannah Linzay ultimately earned the top spot at this event lifting 353 pounds, well over the second place spot, Victoria Long, who lifted 324 pounds.

  1. Hannah Linzay — 353 pounds
  2. Victoria Long — 324 pounds (T-second)
  3. Andrea Thompson — 324 pounds (T-second)
  4. Olga Liashchuk — 324 pounds (T-second)
  5. Melissa Peacock — 324 pounds (T-second)
  6. Anna Harjapaa — 324 pounds (T-second)
  7. Donna Moore — 324 pounds (T-second )
  8. Cori Butler — 284 pounds (T-third)
  9. Rebecca Lorch — 284 pounds (T-third)
  10. Gabriele Burgholzer — 265 pounds

Wrap Up

With the Arnold Pro Strongwoman 2022 coming to a close, this event proved to be a great one with a dedicated and determined champion crowned. While this event may be over now, we are already looking ahead to next year to see who may come out on top and continue the legacy of this amazing event.

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