Brian Shaw Announces 2024 Strongest Man On Earth Roster

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There are still two slots available for the 2024 Strongest Man On Earth.

Legendary strength athlete Brian Shaw will once again host the 2024 Shaw Classic Expo. During this weekend, the Strongest Man on Earth competition will take place. Over the weekend, the four-time World Strongest Man (WSM) champion, Brian Shaw took to YouTube to share the full competitor list for this event..

The 2024 Strongest Man on Earth will take place from Aug. 17-18 in Loveland, CO. There will be a total of eight events that competitors will take part in over two days. A total of 16 competitors will enter with a chance to win the title.

“I do not take this lightly at all when sending out an invite to these guys. There are a lot of factors that come into play here when deciding who actually gets invited.”

In 2023, Shaw acquired the trademark of “Strongest Man on Earth.” from Paul Ohl, who was the organizer of Fortissimus. This was a Strongman competition held in 2008 and 2009 before it was suspended due to a lack of sponsors. Ohl held onto the trademark for all of these years. Now, Shaw has the trademark and crowned his first winner in 2023.

This is an event that Shaw works hard to run and wants to make sure that there is the best lineup possible.

“The contest integrity if by far and away the most important thing.”

Brian Shaw 2023 World's Strongest Man
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2024 Strongest Man On Earth Lineup

There will be a total of 16 competitors at this event. As of now, Brian Shaw announced 14 athletes that will be present as two spots remain open.


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The roster is headlined by Mitchell Hooper. He has taken over the Strongman scene over the last two years. Hooper will defend his World’s Strongest Man title in 2024 and is coming off a victory during the Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus and the UK.

Hafthor Bjornsson made his return to Strongman back in March during the Arnold Strongman Classic. He finished fourth during the event and will look to finish even higher. The Stoltman Brothers will also take part in this event. Luke Stoltman is coming off a victory in the Europe’s Strongest Man competition while Tom Stoltman is a former WSM champ.

Oleksii Novikov is featured on this list as well. He was forced to withdraw from the 2024 WSM competition due to an unknown reason. Novikov has been dealing with injuries but never officially announced a reason.

Brian Shaw has officially announced the lineup and will look to fill two spots as well. This will be another show where the best competitors in the world take the stage to fight for a title.

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