Mitchell Hooper Answers If Ronnie Coleman Could Have Won WSM: “I Genuinely Think It Could Have Been Possible”

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A former World’s Strongest Man believes Ronnie Coleman would have had a chance at the title.

Ronnie Coleman built an incredible physique that made him an all-time great in bodybuilding. As he was winning title after title on the Olympia stage, Coleman was also making a name for himself in the gym with his insane strength during workouts.

Coleman won eight Olympia titles during his career but the question is, could his strength have led him to a World’s Strongest Man victory? Reigning WSM champion Mitchell Hooper answered that question and compared Coleman to five-time champion Mariusz Pudzianowski.

“Do you think Ronnie Coleman could have stolen one of those titles from Mariusz? We’re going to look at Ronnie Coleman and we’re going to look at Mariusz Pudzianowski and we’re going to compare.”

Hooper shared a video on YouTube discussing the best known lifts for both Coleman and Pudzianowski.

Ronnie Coleman put together a video of his heaviest lifts of all-time.
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Mitchell Hooper Talks Athlete’s Best Lifts

Hooper began with deadlifts, which is one of the major lifts in Strongman today. Athletes have gone above and beyond training for max deadlift and this has led to 1,000-pound lifts at times. Coleman hit 800 pounds during his career, which would not be close in competition.

“Ronnie, 800 pounds by two reps for deadlift. That is good. Nowadays, that is not competitive. Mariusz’s best deadlift was 415 kilos. That unfortunately, Ronnie, not really close.”

Coleman excelled on the squat rack and this is where he would be able to make up some ground.

“We have seen that video of him squatting 800 pounds for reps. That is an 800-pound double squat. The best-listed squat by Mariusz is 380 kilos. That is 840 pounds so that’s really quite close.”

Bench press, Ronnie Coleman, 500-pound bench press for five reps. I could not do that. That would not be possible for me. For squats, I would be close. I could probably do three or four at 800 pounds without knee wraps on.”

Hooper believes that Ronnie Coleman could have competed in the traditional Strongman events as well.

“I think Ronnie could get through them all. I don’t think that’s a problem at all, a 300-pound stone. I think he can pick that up relatively easily.”

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Mitchell Hooper Answers If Ronnie Coleman Could Have Won WSM

Pudzianowski won five WSM titles in seven years from 2002-08. Hooper highlighted the 2005 competition as one that Ronnie Coleman could have competed in and potentially won.

“I think if Ronnie Coleman competed in shape with some moderate level of directed Strongman training, I think 2005 World’s Strongest Man is possible that Ronnie Coleman could have been crowned. Big statement to say that he could have dethroned the best of all-time when it comes to World’s Strongest Man.”


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It goes to show how insane Coleman was in the prime of his career. Not only was his physique among the best in the world but his strength could have been as well — and that is coming from the reigning champion in Hooper.

“I genuinely think as someone who has won World’s Strongest Man, I genuinely think it would have been possible. He was a genetic freak.”

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