Celebrity Trainer Don Saladino Talks Steroid Use In Hollywood: “F*cking Own It, That’s What Frustrates Me”

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Don Saladino discussed steroid use and the overall work of getting ready for roles.

Actors in Hollywood have been transforming their bodies for different roles for decades now. It has become a common theme where many stars have displayed shredded physiques on the big screen. With that being said, the topic of steroids has become off limits for many. Recently celebrity trainer Don Saladino opened up about the use of steroids.

Saladino has a long history of training some of the top celebrities in Hollywood, including Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. He has been able to tailor many training programs for different celebrities with the help of doctors, physicians, and nutrition experts.

“I have everything down to your meal delivery service, your chefs, your physical therapists. That means I have to facilitate if if they need it.”

Despite his own expertise, Saladino does not handle performance-enhancing substances and defers to experts.

“I’m not a doctor. I don’t care how smart you are, don’t play fake doctor. If it’s something that someone needs a performance-enhancing substance or you’re an expert in that area, someone who has a right to talk about this, then yeah, 100%.”

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine diet

Don Saladino Talks Steroid Use In Hollywood

There are many physiques in Hollywood that have gained attention for steroid use but many remain to claim all-natural. The Rock remains near the top of this list. Saladino mentioned Reacher star Alan Ritchson following his claim of using testosterone-replacement therapy.

“He’s commenting about why he’s taking something…F*cking own it. He jumped on an interview and he’s like ‘you know, I just trained so hard for the last nine months that I just literally drained myself of all my testosterone. I literally beat it out of me’ and he’s sitting there and I’m like that’s what frustrates me.

Have you done everything in your power to do it naturally? The answer is no.”


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Many clients of Don Saladino have mentioned Chris Hemsworth and his lean physique. The trainer recalls one specific instance where a client was interested in Hemsworth’s methods but has only been training for one year.

“Let me ask you a question, how long have you been training? And he goes, a year. I go, so one year, how long do you think Chris has been training? This guy has really decimated his life to fitness, whether you think his training is good or not.”

Hemsworth is not the only one who has tailored his workouts to what works best for him. This is the case with many athletes, including one of the world’s best bodybuilders.

“Ronnie Coleman, the greatest bodybuilder we have ever seen, when you look at Ronnie’s training, it’s like the guy did a lot that was right and he did a lot of things that you’ll say are wrong. I think that’s a really fair thing to say.”

Don Saladino spoke openly about the use of steroids in Hollywood and admitted that this is not his area of expertise. It is unlikely that athletes begin opening up about their personal use but there remains many methods for actors to transform their physiques.

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