Chris Hemsworth Shares Latest Full-Body Workout Focused On Speed And Endurance

Chris Hemsworth functional fitness

Chris Hemsworth has shared his latest full-body workout that serves a major purpose.

Chris Hemsworth has one of the best physiques in Hollywood and has for years now. He has become recognizable in many roles now and that is not going to change with Hemsworth’s overall motivation. Recently, Chris Hemsworth shared his latest full-body workout to build better speed, strength, and endurance.

During his career, Hemsworth has made a name for himself in many action roles. This includes during the Thor movies and Extraction. He has gone through many physique transformations in order to look the part on the big screen. He has done this by using different workouts to challenge his body in different ways.

Hemsworth created an app called “CentrFit” to share workouts for viewers during the pandemic. When gyms were closed, Hemsworth made sure that people could continue to get workouts in during their time at home. He continues to use this app and hit some home workouts that serve different purposes.

200-Rep Workout

Chris Hemsworth Full-Body Workout

Chris Hemsworth’s latest workout featured cardio and weightlifting to build strength in many ways. This is a goal of many workouts shared by Hemsworth.

“I love this type of workout. Being able to cover a lot of bases, explosiveness, strength, stability, speed and hypertrophy helps me feel functional and strong ????”


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Chris Hemsworth shared that he used his app during this workout and that it kept his body moving for 40 minutes.

Chris Hemsworth has trained in different ways to build his physique. He has jumped into speed and agility training while also taking time to focus on explosive power as well. Hemsworth is also a proponent of different ways of stretching muscles. This includes a 200-rep workout where he completed that many reps of mountain climbers, squats, pushups, flutter kicks, and sit thrus.

Hemsworth continues to impress with his motivation in the gym. He has built an impressive physique thanks to unique workouts that he share with fans.

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