Chris Hemsworth Shares Video During ‘Brutal’ Pilates Workout

Chris Hemsworth is no stranger to intense workout sessions.

Chris Hemsworth has been through some incredible physique transformations during his career as an actor. This is the work of intense workout sessions using different forms of exercise. Recently, Hemsworth went through a strenuous pilates workout along with his brother, Liam Hemsworth.

This workout is being led by Centr, the fitness app created by Hemsworth that builds at-home workouts and meditations. This was extremely beneficial for many during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic while gyms were closed.

The Hemsworth brothers were joined by Chris’ stunt double, and close friend, Boby Holland Hanton for the workout. Hemsworth shared a video on Instagram for his 51.3 million followers to see.

“The struggle was real in this brutal Pilates session thanks to @centrfit @liamhemsworth@bobbydazzler84 @zocobodypro@sylviaroberts_pilates.”


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Chris Hemsworth has been sharing plenty of different workout routines and physique updates ahead of his role in Extraction 2. This is the sequel of the original Netflix action movie where he plays a black market mercenary. These different workouts have included boxing and huge arm days in order to gain the necessary size — and it has worked like a charm.


This time, Hemsworth has focused on pilates. This is a workout that is aimed to build core strength. While building overall core strength, pilates increases joint flexibility and strengthens the muscles being targeted. This is why it is a beneficial form of exercise for anyone, despite their fitness goals.

Hemsworth has been focusing his attention on bodyweight training recently. This comes after some intense weight training to build muscle mass. Hemsworth has shown interest in improving speed and agility to complete the transformation.

Chris Hemsworth knows a thing or two about transforming his physique in order to prepare for a role. The 38-year-old actor has starred in movies such as Thor and Avengers:Endgame where he has been seen on the big screen in tremendous shape. It is no different as Hemsworth prepares for his new role in the Extraction sequel.

During his preparation, Hemsworth has been active on social media sharing his workouts. This is something that will likely continue. When finding some new exercises, Hemsworth is not a bad person to look to for some motivation.

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