Ronnie Coleman Reacts To El Campeon’s Workouts: “One Of The Worst Ego Lifters I Ever Seen”

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8x Mr. Olympia Champion, Ronnie Coleman reacted to lifts and workouts in the gym by El Campeon.

Ronnie Coleman built an incredible physique that made him an all-time great in bodybuilding. As he was winning title after title on the Olympia stage, Coleman was also making a name for himself in the gym with his insane strength during workouts.

After securing his eighth Mr. Olympia title and dominating the 90’s and early 2000s, he became known as “Ronnie Coleman The King.” Coleman was documented in his own biography by Generation Iron revolutionized the entire sport titled, “Ronnie Coleman The King” which can be streamed on Prime and many streaming platforms worldwide.

Coleman continues to work out at a high level in the gym and has created a popular social media platform outside of it. Recently, Ronnie Coleman reacted to “ego lifting” workouts performed by El Campeon.

“El Campeón, bro. Come on, ego lifter.”

El Campeón has created a large following on social media as well. In many of his videos, he is seen stacking weight on different machines to perform exercises but does not complete reps.

“Oh no. I can’t count neither one of those as a half a rep. This is not doing anything for you. Nothing at all, a waste of time. Come on, let’s go Campeon.”


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Ronnie Coleman Reacts To El Campeon

During the video, Ronnie Coleman watched as El Campeon attempted multiple exercises with an abundance of weight. First, it was on the leg press machine where the ego lifter

“Go down a little further. Not even half a rep. You are not working out, my friend. That is not a workout.”


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Reigning World’s Strongest Man champion Mitchell Hooper spoke on whether or not he believes Coleman could have won titles in strongman. It goes to show how insane Coleman was in the prime of his career. Not only was his physique among the best in the world but his strength could have been as well.

Ronnie Coleman continued along in his video as El Campeon attempted hack squats and rack pulls.

“That is not a hack squat. At least you got a little bit better form there. You just messed up putting more weight on there. Our reps are probably gonna be, go at least half way.

I don’t know what the hell you call that but maybe a half a rack pull or whatever. I don’t know what’s going on. Not even a half of a half.”

Many gym goers will attempt lifts with more weight than they can handle, usually leading to failed attempts or half reps.

“El Campeón, I’m sorry buddy but you gotta be one of the worst ego lifters I ever seen.”

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