Should bodybuilders ice their testicles? Is Nick Walker overhyped? Does your meal plan rice have mold? Victor Martinez answers all.

In the latest episode of the Generation Iron Podcast, hosts Victor Martinez, Ehsan Farahi, Edwin Mejia Jr., and Vlad Yudin discuss some of the wildest claims made in bodybuilding today. This includes whether or not bodybuilders should ice their testicles to increase testosterone, whether or not Nick Walker deserves the hype, and if leftover rice is killing your diet due to mold.

This week’s podcast episode is a bit of a grab bag of fan questions and wild bodybuilding claims and opinions. The topic of Nick Walker’s physique comes up – does he deserve the hype? Or will the likes of Samson Dauda and Andrew Jacked ultimately overshadow him in the long run?

Victor Martinez also discusses with the GI crew the latest comments made by IFBB Pro head judge Steve Weinberger. Has judging improved? Do the judges truly get it right 99.9% of the time as Steve claims? Some fans have claimed corruption in the past. Victor weighs in.

Victor Martinez also reacts to some rather… wild bodybuilding claims and tactics. A fan asks if icing your testicles can increase testosterone. While another discussed study claims that well kept day-old leftover rice is filled with hidden mold. Should you start dipping your testicles in ice water and throw out rice from your diet? Victor holds nothing back in his responses. Let’s dive in!

Icing Testicles vs. Steroids: Fact or Fiction?

To kick off the podcast, a fan question sparks laughter among the hosts as they delve into the tactic of icing testicles as a testosterone booster. Is this even a technique that any bodybuilders engage in?

Victor Martinez dismisses this notion as a gimmick, he has never heard of icing your testicles to improve testosterone. Nor is he aware of any sort of study or practice that promotes this idea. While ice baths, as a whole, are utilized in bodybuilding and other athletic sports – focus specifically on the male genitalia is simply something he has no knowledge about.

Regardless, even if this is a tactic some bodybuilders or influencers promote, Victor Martinez emphasizes that nothing can match the unparalleled effects of anabolic steroids. While natural methods exist to enhance testosterone levels, gimmicks that claim they can match the results of anabolic steroids “naturally” are all misleading and foolish.

Nick Walker’s Popularity vs. Physique Critique

The GI crew dive into a second fan question – is Nick Walker overrated? The fan specifically asks why Nick Walker gets so much hype and positive attention, considering that, in the fan’s opinion, his legs are sub par and bring down his physique.

The fan goes on to say that they believe fellow competitors such as Andrew Jacked and Samson Dauda have better overall physiques, but are often criticized more directly by the bodybuilding community for smaller weaknesses compared to Nick Walker.

Victor Martinez starts by jokingly acknowledging that this fan simply does not seem to like Nick Walker’s physique. And there is nothing wrong with that. Victor acknowledges the subjectivity inherent in such assessments, attributing Walker’s hype to his exceptional size and youthfulness.

Regardless with how much attention or hype the media and fans give to a particular athlete – when they all step on stage they are judged the same. Nick Walker’s legs have been a weakness for him, which is why he has not yet won a Mr. Olympia competition against the best in the world.

On the flip side, despite this, Nick Walker’s “freak factor” at such a young age garners excitement. Will this hype help motivate Walker to eventually improve and become a deserving Olympia champion? Or will he ultimately fade? Only time will tell.

Ultimately, hype is all a part of the media cycle for bodybuilding as new generations rise up to compete at the top level of the sport. Nick Walker, Andrew Jacked, and Samson Dauda have all made incredible accomplishments already – and there is still much that the future may hold. Only hindsight when we look back on this era will tell us the ultimate impact each of these athletes may have in the pantheon of bodybuilding.

Judging Accuracy in Bodybuilding Competitions

IFBB Pro head judge Steve Weinberger’s assertion that judges’ decisions are 99.9% accurate prompts discussion on the integrity of judging in bodybuilding. Victor Martinez acknowledges improvements in judging standards over recent years. He does agree that as of today, bodybuilding judging is as accurate as a subjective sport can be.

Vlad Yudin floats the question of bribes and corruption among the judges. Has Victor Martinez ever seen corruption or heard of corruption during his time competing in the sport?

Victor Martinez believes that bribes may exist in smaller leagues held in smaller “third world” countries. But he doubts that any major corruption or conspiracy happens in the IFBB Pro. Victor has never heard of any bodybuilder or seen himself bribes being made. Nor have there been any credible claims of corruptions made to the public. So without any evidence, while possible, he assumes bribes and payouts are not happening with the judges in the sport.

This leads to a larger conversation about fan expectations, mob mentality, and bodybuilding results. In this day and age of social media, it is much easier for a popular opinion to take hold and become a wave of criticism. Just because a seeming majority of bodybuilding fans think the judges made the wrong call – doesn’t mean that the fans are right.

Populism can very easily skew perception. If a bodybuilder is popular enough, it can cause the mob of fans to “objectively see” the superiority of the bodybuilder’s physique over others. But this can be simply due to the subjective passion the fans have for that particular athlete. This is why bodybuilding shows are judged by a specific panel of hired individuals rather than left up to fan voting like American Idol.

Debunking Rice Scare Tactics

Addressing concerns over the safety of leftover cooked rice, Victor Martinez dismisses alarmist claims, reassuring listeners of rice’s nutritional value and historical consumption. Despite a study suggesting potential mold development in refrigerated rice (even 24 hours after being cooked and refrigerated), Martinez encourages the bodybuilding community not to fear this staple food.

Rice has always been a massive part of a bodybuilding diet. Chicken and rice is the stereotype of a bodybuilding meal. While fresh rice is always preferred, eating day-old cooked rice has been done by people or decades upon decades. No one is dying from day-old leftover rice. And no bodybuilder is ruining their physique because of it.

Rule of thumb, if you see mold, throw it out. Even if it is just mold in one small part of the food. But if it looks fine and the food isn’t too old, it should be fine to eat.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the Generation Iron Podcast offers a blend of expert opinions, industry insights, and candid discussions, shedding light on the multifaceted world of bodybuilding. From debunking myths to dissecting judging controversies, the podcast provides a platform for enthusiasts and professionals alike to engage in meaningful dialogue. As the hosts navigate through fan queries and trending topics, they offer valuable perspectives that inform and entertain listeners, reaffirming the podcast’s position as a leading voice in the bodybuilding community.

You can watch the full episode above. And don’t forget to check back every week for new episodes on the Generation Iron Fitness Network or wherever podcasts are downloaded.

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