BEEF!: Calum von Moger And Bradley Martyn In War Of Words

Looks like there’s a new beef for fans to sink their teeth into.

No matter what you subscribe to, no matter what you may think about integrity and honor, everyone likes a good beef. In sports it sparks interest and gives a different sense of excitement during competition. Even out of competition, beefing sparks general interest to those invested in the individuals in the dispute. It seems like the newest beef on the block is between competitive bodybuilder Calum von Moger and fitness personality Bradley Martyn.

Not too far back the GI Team had reported on the fact that both Calum von Moger and Bradley Martyn were teaming up to create their own supplement company. The company in question, Origin Supplements, was supposed to offer its buyers products that were all natural and give the masses the best quality supplementation. It was an announcement that was met with a great deal of excitement and seals of approval from the fans. Now it appears as if things have gone sour between the two popular bodybuilders.

A recent Twitter post from Bradley Martyn vaguely targeted his supposed partner in crime Calum von Moger. Martyn didn’t call out Moger by name, so there’s really no way to know if he was referencing the Australian bodybuilder in the post. mo6kvyz
So where is all this speculation of beef coming from? Well it appears that just last week, Calum von Moger responded to a fan on Instagram detailing that he had some kind of falling out with Martyn. Take a look at the correspondences below.



What do you make of this new beef?

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